Answer questions during keywording

Keywording is a complex process of interpreting an image. Adding keywords means to add value to an image. To find the right keywords all the time, one has to figure out a strategy. Part of a sound strategy are questions you ask and answer for every single image. The underlaying thought is, that questions guide you through the keywording process. While the questions remain the same, the answers are particular for every image.


5 Questions to answer during keywording

  1. What can be seen on the image?
  2. When was the image taken?
  3. Who is on the photo?
  4. Where has the photo been taken?
  5. Why was the photo taken?


These 5 questions cover everything in plain sight. The answers will properly describe what is on the photo. Not every question can be answered, or should be answered, for every image. A stockphoto with models will obviously not have their names listed, but the opening of a new bridge by the mayor of a city, will need the answers to all of these questions, to get a proper set of keywords as well as a valuable description.

Be aware that these 5 questions do not cover all there is to say. Conceptual keywords, locations, colors, the usability for graphic purposes and many more details are not answered by these questions. These questions, though, are a good start. The consistent usage of questions will help to improve the quality of your keywording.