All Kursiv FileMaker products are compatible with FileMaker 19

All Kursiv FileMaker products are compatible with FileMaker 19

Kursiv FileMaker products all work fine with FileMaker 19

21. May 2020In NewsBy Karsten Risseeuw1 Minutes

Claris released FileMaker 19 yesterday. With this version important new features have been added. The compatibility with previous FileMaker files is not affected – all FileMaker products from Kursiv work as usual.

The latest update from FileMaker brings a number of important new features that will provide many new opportunities for future development of FileMaker products.

Already there are several videos on YouTube explaining the new features. If you are interested to learn more, this video of Matt Petrowsky is a good summary.

Markzware products now cheaper

Markzware products now cheaper

Until the end of May Kursiv offers all Markzware products with 20% discount. The manufacturer is thereby accommodating the special situation that is worldwide due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Advantageous until end of May

Until the end of May 2020 Kursiv offers a 20% discount on all Markzware products. Conversion solutions for InDesign, XPress and PDF files have proven themselves a thousand times over many years. Purchasing these products has never been so cheap.

IDMarkz: Standalone software for converting InDesign files (INDD).
Q2ID: The plug-in for InDesign converts documents from XPress to InDesign.
PDF2DTP: The plug-in for InDesign converts any PDF file to InDesign.
FlightCheck Pro: Read this article.

The discounts are already integrated on the website. No additional discount codes are needed.

IDMarkz as a free full version

The latest Markzware product converts native InDesign documents (INDD) to IDML and opens them immediately in XPress or, for example, Affinity Publisher. InDesign is no longer required. In addition, IDMarkz can preview any INDD file without InDesign being installed and exports the INDD document in multiple file formats.

A free full version is available until the end of May, even without registration or other obligations. More about this offer in > this article.

Convert InDesign documents for free

Convert InDesign documents for free

IDMarkz free of charge until the end of May 2020

17. April 2020By Karsten Risseeuw3 Minutes

The software company Markzware reacts to the current world situation by providing its latest product “IDMarkz” free of charge. For this purpose, the manufacturer has issued a special license with a limited validity until the end of May 2020. IDMarkz is a prepress conversion software that can convert InDesign documents (INDD) into a selection of other formats – perfect for anyone working with older InDesign versions or other layout programs.

Markzware became known for its professional prepress solutions. Conversion solutions for InDesign and XPress have been particularly successful in recent years. The latest product is IDMarkz, a standalone software for converting native InDesign documents. With this software, original InDesign documents can be converted even if no InDesign is available.

Download and access data

IDMarkz can be downloaded and activated without registration. So there is absolutely no reason not to try the software.

Schritt 2

After downloading, the software can be unlocked with the following information:

License ID: bf2f3a43-8466-4861-b5e6-2e0e00e4ac83

Software valid until end of May 2020

This version of IDMarkz corresponds to the full version. It expires automatically at the end of May 2020. Anyone working with InDesign today, or who needs to convert files from InDesign securely to another version of InDesign or to another document format, will find the perfect opportunity here.

Further information about IDMarkz can be found here:

Finally get a grip on your data with FileMaker

Finally get a grip on your data with FileMaker

Automation of everyday tasks

17. April 2020By Karsten Risseeuw7 Minutes

Who is working is generating data, i.e. information about the work. From the customer address to the production status, data is collected, offers and invoices are written and a thousand other things are processed. Most daily tasks are repetitive and can therefore be recorded in a structured way. This increases transparency, reduces the risk of errors and enables a targeted approach to business.

Use the time in lockdown

We live in a challenging time with unique opportunities. The COVID-19 virus will shut down the global economy for months. Governments “close” entire countries, and suddenly everyone is forced to improvise. It will take some time before it’s all over. It is still unclear how any exit strategy will work out after a relaxation. It seems certain, on the other hand, that the consequences of this period will linger with us for a long time to come.

I consider myself as pragmatic. I ask myself what I can do today which helps me tomorrow. During this time one must keep a cool head and look ahead courageously. We can think about that now.

Those who pave the way for new options today will have better chances of standing their ground in the future. The evaluation and simplification of internal company processes play an important role here. Think of automation requirements in day-to-day operations.

Now is a good time to contemplate workflows and software in your company.

Automation with FileMaker

FileMaker is a platform to develop business solutions. It’s not a specific software solution, it’s the software that allows you to create solutions. It’s like speaking of a word processor, which can be used to write different texts.

Many businesses use Excel to manage their data. This is a very powerful tool, but Excel is not a database, nor does it allow you to create intuitive interfaces. FileMaker, however, organizes data in an intuitive way. It’s used to create attractive and efficient software solutions that work on both Mac and Windows, and can also run on the web or iOS. One data format for a wide range of applications!

With FileMaker, you can automate business processes and bring them together on one platform. FileMaker solutions can be secured, shared over a network, and accessed by multiple people with their individual accounts and access rights.

In short, with FileMaker you can take control of your data.

Jump-start help for FileMaker developers

Kursiv Software builds solutions for FileMaker developers and those who want to become one.

FM Starter

With our startup file “FM Starter” there is a quick start for every new FileMaker project. With FM Starter you get a proven project structure and many generic tools are already integrated (navigation, multilingualism, user management, etc.).

FM Registrations

Do you want to convert your FileMaker development into standard software and sell it multiple times? If so, “FM Registrations” can be of help. With FM Registrations you can create license keys for your own FileMaker solutions. Therefore you can easily sell the same solution to multiple customers.

Kursiv provides help to self-help

Decide for yourself whether you prefer to develop on your own or whether you prefer assistance with the project. Kursiv offers optimal help for both scenarios. You can use our cost-effective FileMaker solutions or order coaching and training. We support on site or remotely.

FileMaker Coaching

Where can I get further information?

On our website you will find many free example files as well as documentation and videos about our commercial FileMaker products. We are also part of an active FileMaker developer group in Eastern Switzerland, accessible via the website If you want to learn more about the possibilities of FileMaker or if you want to join us as a developer, we recommend the German FileMaker Conference. This conference takes place once a year and further information is available on The FileMaker Magazine is a website with magazine but also a very active forum with German-speaking developers. All this can be found on If you want to start with self-study, you can find introductory videos about FileMaker and many other topics on the website

Working in times of crisis

Working in times of crisis

Don't panic - how we make the best out of adversity

16. March 2020By Karsten Risseeuw5 Minutes

Slowly, the full force of the coronavirus threat is also beginning to reach Switzerland. Switzerland currently ranks second in terms of worldwide infection, if you calculate per capita of the population instead of only assuming absolute numbers (statistics). Many are already working from their home office. Other companies suddenly have no more incoming orders. What is the best thing to do in these challenging times?

The Good News

Kursiv has some good news: Our products are virus-free. We also can guarantee that there is no danger of infection for humans, if you download our software solutions from or This applies for the publishing tools, the FileMaker solutions or also for our keywording software for photographers.

Normal everyday life: Urgent before important

Daily life used to look like this: If job prospects are good, we plan and produce. We are busy. Business is running well. However: Often urgent things are done first. Strategic decisions are postponed. This will happen in many small businesses. This situation now has suddenly changed. Nothing is urgent anymore, because orders are postponed, projects cancelled. Nobody knows how long this will last.

The opportunity: Important  before urgent

The seriousness of the situation also brings with it opportunities. If the category “urgent” suddenly no longer exists, another category can be given attention. Today is the time when “important before urgent” can be cultivated. This involves strategic considerations and the evaluation of the value chain. Whoever has time to evaluate these things now is in the best position for the time after the wave of infection.

Focus on software

Almost all business processes today can be optimized with software. A first step to an evaluation would be the clarification of internal business processes. Where does information flow together and how is it managed? Where are there redundancies? Are there clear structures? Which pieces of the puzzle are missing today? The time that is perhaps unintentionally available today can be put to good use to solve any issues.

Implementing ideas

You have to have ideas and then implement them. As FileMaker developers we support companies with the realization of their own software projects. We coach and train and often do this remotely. We also provide proven development tools such as “FM Starter”, a start file for new FileMaker projects. On the website we offer free FileMaker modules, sample files and further help.

Anyone who comes up with ideas and strategic considerations has already won in many ways. Panic and lethargy are no good guides in today’s world. If you take advantage of the possibilities, you create a good starting position for yourself. In this way, a virtue can be made out of adversity.

What happens with FlightCheck?

What happens with FlightCheck?

32-bit application will be discontinued | Announcement of a 64-bit version

From 32-bit to 64-bit

FlightCheck is a patented software for preflighting and postflighting of publishing documents. The manufacturer Markzware announces that the current 32-bit version will not be further developed. However, a 64-bit version is in preparation. Because the current version does not work with the last macOS, the development of the 32-bit version is stopped and the focus is exclusively on the development of the 64-bit version.

If you want to continue using your current version of FlightCheck, you need a Mac computer with macOS 10.6.8 to 10.14. Markzware announces that there will be no further updates and upgrades for the current 32-bit version. FlightCheck in the current issue will be sold as an unlimited full license from now on and no longer as a subscription. Those who buy the software today should not expect any more updates. However, this disadvantage can also become an advantage.


What about current licenses?

Those who currently use FlightCheck apparently work with an older Mac operating system. If possible you should keep this older operating system for a while. For those who have an active subscription as of March 2, 2020, Markzware has extended your subscription for another 12 months free of charge. You do not need to do anything.

Whoever has an active license when the new version is released will benefit. At that time, as a FlightCheck user, you can use your current FlightCheck license ID to get an exclusive discount on the new 64-bit version as soon as it is released. The manufacturer has not yet announced a release date.

The current price has been discounted (cut in half!)

FileMaker Runtimes no longer are supported

FileMaker Runtime versions are no longer supported

Kursiv has removed several products from their portfolio.

28. February 2020By Karsten Risseeuw2 Minutes

FileMaker developers could, until now, include a free runtime version of FileMaker, which allowed customers to run a simple database on a single computer. This option longer is available and FileMaker runtime versions are no longer properly working on current systems. Kursiv therefore decided to remove several products from their website.

We create software solutions based on FileMaker Pro. Several of our products have been sold together with a free runtime version of FileMaker Pro. This allowed us to have small solutions at small prices. Customers frequently needed just a simple tool to solve a single task. A few years ago the development of the free runtime version of FileMaker was stopped and support ends altogether this spring. Claris, the company creating FileMaker Pro, offers no alternative. Understandably, Claris earns by selling licenses, not by offering free runtime versions.

Whether this is a good move or not remains to be seen. But it has a clear consequence for some of our products. The following products were shipped with a runtime version of FileMaker:

  • KIM TimeLog
  • YouthEvents
  • KIM Keywording

The time tracking solution “KIM TimeLog” and the administration for youth groups “YouthEvents” have now been removed from our program. For the keywording software “KIM Keywording” there was a change: Now only the software solution is sold, but the customer needs a full version of FileMaker to run the solution.

FileMaker Pro is a platform for business solutions with many advantages for users. However, licensing smaller solutions is not always worthwhile when an additional license from FileMaker is a prerequisite. This is the reason why we no longer offer these solutions directly. However, we do support existing users and help them migrate to a full version of FileMaker if they wish.


FM Starter 2.1 with German manual

FM Starter 2.1 released

Now with German manual

FM Starter 2.1 is the latest update to the FileMaker Starter Solution. The update includes several bugfixes and minor improvements. The most significant enhancement is the new German manual. This provides German-speaking developers with a comprehensive compendium of all aspects of FM Starter.

FM Starter is already multilingual. The user interface is already in four languages (German, English, French and Spanish) and can be extended at will. A user manual is now available in English and German.

Further information about this release can be found in the following article:

IDMarkz converts InDesign documents to Affinity Publisher, XPress and other formats

IDMarkz converts InDesign documents

Standalone software converting to IDML, PDF, XPress and other formats

16. December 2019By Karsten Risseeuw4 Minutes

Markzware launched the new IDMarkz, a conversion software made to convert native InDesign documents (INDD) to a variety of other formats. This is especially usefull, if documents are only available in INDD format or no InDesign is accessible for conversino to IDML.

IDMarkz opens InDesign documents, offers a preview of all pages and several export options.

Markzware technology for conversion proves itself to be reliable over many years. Several plug-ins offer import and conversion of PDF and XPress files. Also, complex documents can be quickly converted to InDesign.

Not everyone has access to InDesign. You now can convert documents from InDesign nevertheless. Available export options are XPress, Affinity Publisher or also to IDML to be used with Viva Designer, older InDesign versions, etc.

From Adobe InDesign to Affinity Publisher

Adobe locks its customers in a subscription system. Without InDesign, you normally cannot open InDesign documents. Logically this frustrates many customers. Adobe today is in a similar position as once Quark with its protective dongle-strategy. Many ask how this deadlock will end.

IDMarkz gives users freedom to decide, which software they want to use their documents with. Quickly and easily documents can be opened and converted to a variety of other formats. Among the options is an export to the newcomer software Affinity Publisher. It works like this: Officially Affinity Publisher supports PDF import. That works quite well. If you have a PDF format, you are good. If you don’t have a PDF file, IDMarkz can generate this for you. IDMarkz also supports the IDML import as is part of current beta versions of Affinity Publisher.

As long as you have an InDesign version to create a PDF or IDML document with, you need no IDMarkz. However, if you only have an INDD file, you can’t do anything with it, except you have IDMarkz. It works like this: Open the INDD file in IDMarkz. Export to Affinity Publisher. That’s all! Affinity Publisher is automatically started in the background and the converted file is opened in Affinity.

Export to image formats

IDMarkz also offers several export options to image formats. It is easy to generate a series of preview images directly from an INDD file, without having InDesign installed.

Convert publishing documents to InDesign in the blink of an eye

Convert publishing documents in the blink of an eye

PDF to InDesign? No problem. InDesign to XPress? Works!

Once there and back again

Convert publishing documents. Of course, XPress, InDesign, VivaDesigner or Affinity Publisher have their own document formats. But they are no longer isolated solutions. Today, there are good conversion solutions that allow documents from one program to be opened in another program.

The best tools come from Markzware and can be purchased directly here on the Kursiv website.

Q2ID converts XPress documents to InDesign
ID2Q Converts InDesign Documents to XPress
PDF2DTP converts any PDF document to InDesign

After the conversion a new original moment is available. For example, if you open a document from QuarkXPress using Q2ID in InDesign, an original InDesign document will be available at the end of the conversion process (in no time at all). This document can be modified, adapted, saved and reused as if it were a regularly created InDesign document.

Before / After

XPress documents can be opened in InDesign and immediately processed as genuine InDesign documents (Q2ID). The comparison picture below shows a document: Left in XPress and right converted to InDesign.

What can one (not) expect from conversions?

Conversions are never 100% identical. This has nothing to do with conversion, but with the fact that publishing programs are not 100% identical. The interpretation of the same information and settings is approximately the same, but there may (may not) be differences. For example, what are the settings for text wrapping? Which special functions in one program are not supported in the other? What is the font width of a font? Are the settings rounded differently between different programs and is there therefore a word that no longer fits on the page?

Conversion solutions, however good they may be, cannot be used to constantly move documents back and forth. They are not suitable for the graphic designer working in InDesign, but the customer in XPress, and for moving the data back and forth in different formats.

Conversion software is designed to convert standing types or make one-time conversions. One saves the work, so to speak, from one program to the next software. Documents should then be checked and only then used. The experience of many years shows that you get amazingly close to the original document. That’s why a lot of precious time is saved.

Those who use conversion solutions have probably already earned back the costs with the first job. The only alternative would be to rebuild a document from scratch. But if you don’t have all the images, but only one PDF file, for example, you can’t simply rebuild a document. With PDF2DTP, however, such a document can be easily converted and embedded images are exported cleanly and are then available again in InDesign.