PDFMarkz in beta test

A first look at the upcoming PDFMarkz.

FileMaker in Eastern Switzerland

What is FileMaker and what can the software be used for?

How do the Markzware licenses work?

What is the difference between an annual license and a perpetual license?

FM Registrations 1.5 released

The update improves the user interface. In addition, there are new manuals and videos.

How to evaluate workflows

Well-designed workflows are more important than ever

An ecosystem for FileMaker developers

The FM Developer Bundle includes everything a new FileMaker project needs to get started.

FM Starter 2.15 released

Bug fixes and improvements for FM Starter

All Kursiv FileMaker products are compatible with FileMaker 19

The latest version of FileMaker has many excellent new features. All our products are compatible with FileMaker 19.

Markzware products now cheaper

Corona discount for Markzware products

Convert InDesign documents for free

Free licence for IDMarkz until the end of May 2020

Working in times of crisis

How to make a virtue of adversity.

What happens with FlightCheck?

32-bit version will be discontinued. Announcement of a 64-bit version.

FileMaker Runtimes no longer are supported

We have removed several FileMaker-based software solutions from our portfolio.

FM Starter 2.1 with German manual

Now with German manual

IDMarkz converts InDesign documents to Affinity Publisher, XPress and other formats

Standalone Software converting InDesign INDD files to IDML, PDF, XPress and other formats

Convert publishing documents to InDesign in the blink of an eye

Convert publishing documents in the blink of an eye.

FileMaker starter file now even more versatile

Update: FileMaker starter file "FM Starter 2" just upgraded for an even better user experience.

Affinity Publisher and InDesign

How can documents be transferred between Adobe InDesign and Affinity Publisher?

FM Starter 2.06

Bugfixes for the navigation and enhancements for the ToDo-module.

FM Starter now available in version 2

The upgrade for the FileMaker starter solution "FM Starter 2" is now available.

Pricing adjustments

Pricing adjustments for Markzware products

Time logging for freelancers

KIM TimeLog: Essential time logging tool for freelancers.

FlightCheck Pro in a publishing environment

Where to use FlightCheck Pro within your prepress workflow?

Udate: KIM Keywording 3.6

KIM Keywording 3.6 released

Black Friday Super Sales

Kursiv Black Friday Sales

Update: KIM Keywording 3.52

Das letzte Update von KIM Keywording bietet gerade für Windows-Benutzer viele Verbesserungen.

Keywording from an image users viewpoint

Whoever is keywording images needs a thorough understanding of how users search for images, which keywords they use, and what are their search strategies.

Time Logging with KIM TimeLog

KIM TimeLog is a databased time logging software for freelancer. Record your working hours with ease.

Markzware Version Support List

Regularly updated overview of all Markzware products, their compatabilities and features.

5 Reasons why time logging is essential to your business

Time Logging is an essential need for any freelancer.

Summer projects

Use the summer time to optimize your own workflows.

Youth Events – Event registrations made simple

YouthEvents is a software to register participants of your events. The focus is on youth clubs, camps, churches, and any other organizers of youth events.

FileMaker Pro 16

Compatability of Kursiv database solutions with FileMaker Pro 16

Optimize your keywording

How can you optimize your own keywording?

KIM Keywording 3.4 released

The latest update KIM Keywording 3.4 is now available for download.

FlightCheck supports Adobe CC 2017

FlightCheck Pro now supports documents from Adobe CC 2017

Simplify your Filemaker development

Using a starter solution for Filemaker can drastically speed up and simplify your development.

KIM Keywording 3 released

Press release about the keywording software "KIM Keywording 3" by Kursiv Software

Developing your own keywording strategy

To develop your own keywording strategy will help you to reach a high quality and relevancy for your keywords.

Workflow considerations for KIM Keywording

KIM Keywording has been designed with a purpose in mind. The ideas behind KIM Keywording.

ID2Q supports QuarkXPress 2016

ID2Q has been updated to support QuarkXPress 2016

5 Questions to answer during keywording

Answering questions is a good way to harmonize your keywording results. These 5 questions to answer during keywording are your head-on start.

KIM Keywording 3 released

KIM Keywording 3 wurde gerade freigegeben.

Q2ID now supports XPress 2016

The newest version of Q2ID now conversts documents from XPress 2016 to InDesign.

Free: ID Util from Markzware

ID Util from Markzware allows a quick view on the content of InDesign files.