FM Starter 2.1 with German manual

FM Starter 2.1 released

Now with German manual

FM Starter 2.1 is the latest update to the FileMaker Starter Solution. The update includes several bugfixes and minor improvements. The most significant enhancement is the new German manual. This provides German-speaking developers with a comprehensive compendium of all aspects of FM Starter.

FM Starter is already multilingual. The user interface is already in four languages (German, English, French and Spanish) and can be extended at will. A user manual is now available in English and German.

Further information about this release can be found in the following article:

IDMarkz converts InDesign documents to Affinity Publisher, XPress and other formats

IDMarkz converts InDesign documents

Standalone software converting to IDML, PDF, XPress and other formats

Markzware launched the new IDMarkz, a conversion software made to convert native InDesign documents (INDD) to a variety of other formats. This is especially usefull, if documents are only available in INDD format or no InDesign is accessible for conversino to IDML.

IDMarkz opens InDesign documents, offers a preview of all pages and several export options.

Markzware technology for conversion proves itself to be reliable over many years. Several plug-ins offer import and conversion of PDF and XPress files. Also, complex documents can be quickly converted to InDesign.

Not everyone has access to InDesign. You now can convert documents from InDesign nevertheless. Available export options are XPress, Affinity Publisher or also to IDML to be used with Viva Designer, older InDesign versions, etc.

From Adobe InDesign to Affinity Publisher

Adobe locks its customers in a subscription system. Without InDesign, you normally cannot open InDesign documents. Logically this frustrates many customers. Adobe today is in a similar position as once Quark with its protective dongle-strategy. Many ask how this deadlock will end.

IDMarkz gives users freedom to decide, which software they want to use their documents with. Quickly and easily documents can be opened and converted to a variety of other formats. Among the options is an export to the newcomer software Affinity Publisher. It works like this: Officially Affinity Publisher supports PDF import. That works quite well. If you have a PDF format, you are good. If you don’t have a PDF file, IDMarkz can generate this for you. IDMarkz also supports the IDML import as is part of current beta versions of Affinity Publisher.

As long as you have an InDesign version to create a PDF or IDML document with, you need no IDMarkz. However, if you only have an INDD file, you can’t do anything with it, except you have IDMarkz. It works like this: Open the INDD file in IDMarkz. Export to Affinity Publisher. That’s all! Affinity Publisher is automatically started in the background and the converted file is opened in Affinity.

Export to image formats

IDMarkz also offers several export options to image formats. It is easy to generate a series of preview images directly from an INDD file, without having InDesign installed.

Convert publishing documents to InDesign in the blink of an eye

Convert publishing documents in the blink of an eye

PDF to InDesign? No problem. InDesign to XPress? Works!

Once there and back again

Convert publishing documents. Of course, XPress, InDesign, VivaDesigner or Affinity Publisher have their own document formats. But they are no longer isolated solutions. Today, there are good conversion solutions that allow documents from one program to be opened in another program.

The best tools come from Markzware and can be purchased directly here on the Kursiv website.

Q2ID converts XPress documents to InDesign
ID2Q Converts InDesign Documents to XPress
PDF2DTP converts any PDF document to InDesign

After the conversion a new original moment is available. For example, if you open a document from QuarkXPress using Q2ID in InDesign, an original InDesign document will be available at the end of the conversion process (in no time at all). This document can be modified, adapted, saved and reused as if it were a regularly created InDesign document.

Before / After

XPress documents can be opened in InDesign and immediately processed as genuine InDesign documents (Q2ID). The comparison picture below shows a document: Left in XPress and right converted to InDesign.

What can one (not) expect from conversions?

Conversions are never 100% identical. This has nothing to do with conversion, but with the fact that publishing programs are not 100% identical. The interpretation of the same information and settings is approximately the same, but there may (may not) be differences. For example, what are the settings for text wrapping? Which special functions in one program are not supported in the other? What is the font width of a font? Are the settings rounded differently between different programs and is there therefore a word that no longer fits on the page?

Conversion solutions, however good they may be, cannot be used to constantly move documents back and forth. They are not suitable for the graphic designer working in InDesign, but the customer in XPress, and for moving the data back and forth in different formats.

Conversion software is designed to convert standing types or make one-time conversions. One saves the work, so to speak, from one program to the next software. Documents should then be checked and only then used. The experience of many years shows that you get amazingly close to the original document. That’s why a lot of precious time is saved.

Those who use conversion solutions have probably already earned back the costs with the first job. The only alternative would be to rebuild a document from scratch. But if you don’t have all the images, but only one PDF file, for example, you can’t simply rebuild a document. With PDF2DTP, however, such a document can be easily converted and embedded images are exported cleanly and are then available again in InDesign.

FileMaker starter file now even more versatile

FileMaker starter file now even more versatile

FM Starter 2.08 now supports expiring passwords

Better user management

Kursiv just released an update for FM Starter 2, the starting point for new FileMaker projects. The focus of this update is on the user management module. Expiring passwords are now supported. FM Starter comes with an intuitive interface, providing an interface and own pages for developers, administrators and end-users.

More information in this post on


Free Update

FM Starter is sold as a software license including one year of free updates. Customers can download free updates directly from their accounts on the website

FM Starter now available in version 2

FM Starter now available as version 2

FM Starter 2 is the starting point for new FileMaker projects

FileMaker developers can now rely on FM Starter 2 for building new databases. The starter file for new FileMaker projects comes with a sound project structure and many modules for basic functionality like a navigation, a user management solution and much more.

With FM Starter 2, new projects can be started easier then ever. As all basic functions are already integrated, developers no longer have to take care for repetitive tasks. While many FileMaker developers tend to rely on previous work for new projects, only a fraction of developers have the time to create their very own starter solution.

FM Starter 2 also can be used as a production sample of a working solution, to learn about FileMaker programming. It is a sound basis for real-life solutions.

FM Starter offers a developer Dashboard, combining all settings and for the solution and its integrated modules. This simplifies programming to mere configuring. The approach can easily be understood by FileMaker novices and readily be used and enhanced by experienced developers.

FM Starter 2 is a FileMaker file and requires a full version of FileMaker Pro 17 as a minimum. The product can be purchased at Kursiv Software ( Full information about the product can be found on the FM Starter website (

PDF2DTP now available for Adobe InDesign CC 2019

PDF2DTP now also available for Adobe InDesign CC 2019

Markzware just released their newest version of PDF2DTP, which now can be used with Adobe InDesign CC 2019 as well. All subscribers can download this newest version directly through their personalized download URL.

PDF2DTP is a conversion tool for Adobe InDesign. With it, PDF-files can be converted in regular editibale InDesign files. Once installed, the plug-in allows the user to open PDF-files as if they were InDesign files. The opened file is then already converted to a fully editable InDesign file, which can be saved, enhanced and used just as any other InDesign file.

New in this version is an option to include PDF comments in the conversion, as well as text-markings (strike through, underline, etc.) as can be created with PDF editors. Also Markups like symbols can be converted and included in the InDesign document.

FlightCheck now supports QuarkXPress 2018

FlightCheck now supports QuarkXPress 2018

FlightCheck preflights publishing documents for possible errors

Markzware just released an update for FlightCheck. The preflighting software added support for QuarkXPress 2018 documents. These can now be preflighted and also collected for archival or delivery purposes.

FlightCheck checks publishing files on (possible) errors, generates reports and shows pages and objects where these errors occur. FlightCheck is an indispensable tool to secure and standardize your professional workflow, starting from the moment you accept documents for further processing. FlightCheck preflights native documents as well as output documents and thus also secures all your output needs.

Supported file formats

• InDesign (v1.9 – CC 2018)
• QuarkXPress (v3.1 – 2018)
• Acrobat PDF (v3.0 – CC 2018)
• Illustrator (v6.0 – CC 2018)
• Photoshop (v4.0 – CC 2018)
• PageMaker (v4.2 – v7.x)
• FreeHand (v7.0 – v11.x)
• Word (2000 – 2002)
• CorelDRAW (v8.0 – v9.x)
• and more…

FlightCheck is available as a perpetual license or as a cheap yearly subscription.


If you have a current version (subscription or version 7.90) you can download the latest update using your original personalized download link.

Pricing adjustments

Pricing Adjustments

Kursiv tries to keep pricing as stable as possible. Because of currency fluctuations pricing adjustments are necessary from time to time.

During the last year several currency fluctuations occurred, which was not visible in our salesprice. Especially for Markzware products a larger price gap has been in the advantage of our customers. As per today we have adjusted our pricing to match the Euro pricing.

Pricing adjustments for Markzware products

Swiss pricing has been harmonized with the official euro pricing for the same products.

Adapted to CC2018

Markzware adapts products to CC2018


All commercial publishing products from Markzware have been adapted to Adobe InDesign, Version CC2018. All InDesign Plug-ins will now run under CC2018 and other products will be able to load documents from CC2018.

These are the products now supporting CC2018

  • Q2ID imports QuarkXPress documents directly into InDesign (InDesign Plug-In)
  • PDF2DTP converts PDF-documents to editable and veritable InDesign documents (InDesign Plug-In)
  • ID2Q imports InDesign documents directly into QuarkXPress (XPress XTension)
  • FlightCheck Pro checks documents and reports errors before any harm can be done.

Further information about these products can be found in the menubar at the right side. If you have a current subscription for any of these products, you can download the latest version through your personalized download link.


Update KIM TimeLog

Update KIM TimeLog 1.21


The current update for KIM TimeLog addresses a bug which prevented data from a version 1.1 to be imported. Some Windows-specific requirements were optimized as well.

We recommend updating for all users. If you have been working with version 1.1, please contact support.

KIM TimeLog is a streamlined and well-designed tool to log your working times on a desktop computer (Mac/Win). Create projects and customers, and assign times to co-workers easily. The strength of this solution is in the simple approach. The intended users are freelances and small teams, who want to track times in order to bill them to customers. The application does not create the invoices, but lets you summarize any kind of list by status, project, customer, etc. and offers a selection of output options to attach the information to an invoice.

More information about KIM TimeLog can be found through the following links: