Markzware products adapted to Big Sur and Apple Silicon

In MacOS Big Sur Apple has included some landscapes as illustrations for the desktop.

Markzware products adapted to Big Sur and Apple Silicon

20. November 2020In PublishingBy Karsten Risseeuw1 Minutes

Markzware adapts the latest products. IDMarkz and QXPMarkz now run on both Big Sur and Apple Silicon Macs.

Apple has announced some groundbreaking new technologies. The MacOS 11 Big Sur operating system is now supported by QXPMarkz and IDMarkz. Also supported are the new Apple Silicon machines, which are being shipped these days for the first time.

Both products are now Universal Binary, which means that they are compatible with both older systems and the new hardware line.

Other Markzware products are PDF2DTP and FlightCheck Pro. Here, it can be assumed that the adjustments will be made as soon as new versions are released. For PDF2DTP it is obvious that there will be a similar standalone product like QXPMarkz or IDMarkz. FlightCheck Pro is no longer under development and hopefully a new version will be released.

Markzware has been continuously developing products for well over 20 years now. Occasionally old products were discontinued to make room for new products. Reliable product development looks like this. You can be curious about the things that are in preparation.

IDMarkz and QXPMarkz run on MacOS 11 Big Sur.

If you have a current license for QXPMarkz or IDMarkz, you can download the latest version via your personal license URL

How do the Markzware licenses work?

How do the Markzware licenses work?

What is the difference between an annual license and a perpetual license?

2. November 2020In PublishingBy Karsten Risseeuw2 Minutes

Markzware products are reliable helpers in everyday publishing. But what about the licenses? Markzware distinguishes between an annual license and an unlimited license. What are the differences?

Markzware products are reliable. They have been continuously developed and adapted for decades. This is a great value. But it also requires continuous development and product maintenance. This is not for free. Unlike some other companies, Markzware does not try to lure customers into a subscription trap. The solution is as simple as it is ingenious and already exists for many products as a choice:

Perpetual license

A perpetual license is valid indefinitely, but there are no updates for new document formats. For example, if you order a QXPMarkz in 2020, you purchase the product with the QuarkXPress 2020 document format customisation, and if Quark makes customisations during the year, these customisations will be provided as updates free of charge. However, if a 2021 document format is released next year, it will not automatically be updated.

Annual license

The annual license is, as the name suggests, a license for a single year. Since the price for the product is probably already recovered after 1 or 2 conversions, this should not be a hindrance. But for updates you have great advantages: Regardless of when you purchased the annual license, you can download all updates and upgrades for 365 days. So you are always up to date, even if a new document format is released next year. If you want to renew your license, you buy another annual license and can convert for another year without worries, whatever comes along. However, if the license expires, access to the software is also terminated. Simple!

Markzware conversion solutions can be used where documents need to be converted from one software solution to another. This does not imply a constant exchange, but a one-time conversion.

QXPMarkz: Markzware launches the successor of ID2Q

QXPMarkz: Markzware launches the successor of ID2Q

QXPMarkz replaces the previous ID2Q

5. June 2020In PublishingBy Karsten Risseeuw3 Minutes

Markzware has just launched QXPMarkz, a software for converting QuarkXPress documents. The new tool replaces the previous Q2ID, which was available as a plug-in for InDesign.

A new generation

A new generation of Markzware tools is created. Previous plug-ins are gradually being transformed into standalone products. After IDMarkz, QXPMarkz has now been released. While IDMarkz converts InDesign documents, QXPMarkz enables the conversion of XPress documents. Such a development is logical and has several advantages.

First, it no longer requires any additional software. ID2Q was previously a plug-in for Adobe InDesign and could only be used in conjunction with InDesign. Current solutions are stand-alone software solutions.

Secondly, the functionality becomes more versatile. When an XPress document is opened with QXPMarkz, it can be saved in IDML, PDF or one of several image formats. In addition, these formats allow the converted file to be opened directly in another software. This allows an XPress file to be edited directly in Affinity Publisher, but just as easily in Adobe InDesign.


Universal tool for Xpress documents

QXPMarkz is a universal tool for XPress documents. You do not need an XPress license to open original XPress documents. You get a preview (directly from the document data) and some more information about the document. The preview even allows you to flip through all pages of the document. This is something like a mini-preflighting function. Afterwards, the document can be converted in several formats and also be opened directly in popular software solutions.

QXPMarkz is a cost-effective and flexible way to convert any XPress document on demand. Very old documents may need to be converted to a newer XPress format using Quark’s own free conversion solution before they can be opened in QXPMarkz.


The cryptic names remain

Markzware produces real tongue twisters with the product names. Although all names are logical, it takes special attention when using them. However, the trend towards renewal seems to offer some benefits here as well:

  • ID2Q has been dropped, in its place IDMarkz appeared
  • Q2ID has been removed, in whose place QXPMarkz was just released.

The name is mission statement: IDMarkz opens and converts InDesign documents. QXPMarkz opens and converts QuarkXPress documents. Currently, only one plug-in remains, namely PDF2DTP. If there were a successor, what would the name of the new product be?


Annual license or continuous license

QXPMarkz can be purchased either as an annual license including all updates, or as an unlimited license without updates. When purchasing, the preferred version can be specified. The annual license is not a subscription and you do not have to renew it. The license expires automatically, but you can renew the license at any time.

Affinity Publisher and InDesign

Affinity Publisher and InDesign

How can you successfully transfer documents?

Layoutsoftware has long been dominated by Adobe InDesign. That could be changing. The new Affinity Publisher by the english company Serif is a new star in the publishing arena. The modern layout software can be an interesting alternative to InDesign. How can you transfer documents between the two?

A complete publishing suite

Affinity Publisher is the third product in the affinity series. After Affinity Designer (as: Illustrator) and Affinity Photo (as: Photoshop), now the official version of Affinity Publisher (as: InDesign) has been released. These products are modern, fast and very well integrated. Many users love the absence of a subscription system and full versions of each product can be purchased below CHF 50 each. Has there ever been such a unique and complete publishing system for this price?

Can one trust the newcomer?

Well, the english company Serif is not a newcomer. They published many software products, but their focus has been on private and semi-professional users mostly. The new products in the Affinity series are the new focus on professional solutions and professional users, as many publications already testify.

Unique is their document format. The same format is used for all three applications. Different endings help to start up a specific application, but the real highlights are shown in Affinity Publisher, where you can change the interface within the application to either Designer or Photo to work with vector illustrations or Photos directly. The new Studio-Link technology creates a complete new and much more natural approach to publishing.

The document structure within the Affinity series is revolutionary. But what about the data exchange with with products from Adobe, Quark, Viva or others?

From Adobe InDesign to Affinity Publisher

Affinity Publisher has quite a good working PDF-import. Imported PDF documents are converted to editable Publisher documents. It does not mean there might not be hickups here or there, but who works with basic functions, also supported by the PDF format as well as by Affinity Publisher, might be surprised to see how easy it is to transfer PDF files to the new Publisher environment. PDF files thus are the way to transport other publishing documents to Affinity Publisher.

From Affinity Publisher to Adobe InDesign

Conversions from Affinity Publisher to Adobe InDesign also work. You need, however, and additional plug-in for Adobe InDesign. Markzware offers the great PDF2DTP, which converses PDF files reliably to InDesign. Embedded files are extracted and will be saved in sub folders automatically. The way this works is quite similar to the conversion of InDesign to Affinity Publisher.

See the video

PDF2DTP can be ordered directly at Kursiv:

Updates for CC2018

Markzware is updating products for CC2018


All current Markzware publishing products have been adapted to InDesign CC2018. As a result, the plug-ins now also run under CC2018 or can read documents from this latest InDesign version without any problems.

Adjustments were made for the following products:

  • Q2ID imports QuarkXPress documents directly into InDesign (InDesign plug-in)
  • PDF2DTP converts PDF documents to editable InDesign documents (InDesign plug-in)
  • ID2Q imports InDesign documents directly into QuarkXPress (XPress XTension)
  • FlightCheck Pro checks documents and reports any errors found before they become expensive.

Further information on these products can be found in the menu bar on the right. If you have one of these products as a subscription, you can download and install the latest version using your personal download links.


FlightCheck supports Adobe CC 2017

FlightCheck now supports Adobe CC 2017


Markzware has just released FlightCheck 7.80 for macOS with added support for Adobe CC 2017 including InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop. Current subscription holders can visit their License Link to get immediate access to the upgrade. Or purchase the subscription now and get access to a year's worth of upgrades.

FlightCheck secures your output, checks incoming files and keeps your workflow on a high-quality level. Avoid problems resulting from missing elements, false colors, and much more. FlightCheck does both preflighting and postflighting and supports all major document formats, including EPS, PDF and PDF-X.






ID2Q supports QuarkXPress 2016

ID2Q has been updated

ID2Q has just been updated to support QuarkXPress 2016. The XTension now runs in the latest version of the layout software and allows the import of InDesign documents.

ID2Q is one of several software solutions for converting publishing documents. Subscribers can simply download the latest version from the personalized links.





Q2ID now supports XPress 2016

Q2ID now supports XPress 2016

QuarkXPress 2016 documents can now be imported into the latest versions of Adobe InDesign. With this conversion tool, users of Creative Cloud products can easily convert documents to a native InDesign document and then process them as usual.

Q2ID is one of the proven software tools from Markzware. Installed as a plug-in for InDesign, XPress documents can be opened as if they were already InDesign documents. The XPress document is quickly converted when it is opened and once opened it can be saved under any name.

Converting XPress documents to InDesign is effortless. Q2ID is available as an all-round carefree package by subscription. A set of download links is supplied, personalized for the licensee, through which all available versions for Mac and Windows can be downloaded. If you already have a license, you can download the latest version now.



Free of charge: ID Util from Markzware

ID Util

With ID Util Markzware has brought an interesting and free utility for InDesign documents onto the market. The tool is available for Mac via the App Store.

ID Util reads InDesign documents and immediately shows some information. Documents can be browsed as a preview, they can be printed, exported and viewed - depending on the way information and previews for the document were saved. A full version of InDesign is not necessary for this.

The tool can be downloaded here: