About Kursiv

Kursiv has been founded by Karsten Risseeuw in 1994.


We started with graphic design, but soon support for software products as well as software distribution were added. Selected applications for the publishing industry were added, like PrintShop Mail for the personalizing of digital print products. PostScript only just emerged and everyone was rejoicing about the new strange and promising world opening up. About this time Adobe also launched Photoshop 3, which introduced a plug-in architecture. Plug-ins overcame many of the limitations of Photoshop at that time. For years we sold a wide selection of photoshop plug-ins for customers in Switzerland, Austria and Germany, selling both to end customers and resellers.


1997 we started a new adventure and founded the first photoagency in Switzerland with digital images only. Photodisc was only recently purchased by Getty Images and during the next few years we sent out more than a 100 image catalogs from over 50 image producers from around the world. At the time, the internet was slow, scans expensive, and the best you could get were CDs or (later) DVDs.


Starting 2008 we launched own software products. These were all FileMaker based tools, first of all for photographers and photoagencies – like a multilingual keywording software, which is still in continuous development in 2019.


Kursiv today is selling ist knowledge. Again, there are products, there is support and consulting, but at the core is our knowledge about these things. We streamline workflows, do multilingual keywording, database consultancy, develop new applications and always have our focus on what’s popping up on the horizon.

Additionally, we love to do trainings, create workshops and do lectures.

We also love Jazz.