About us

Kursiv was founded 1994 by Karsten Risseeuw.


Starting with graphic design, the company soon diversified its services with software support and software distribution. Selected products for use in the graphic industry were added, like PrintShop Mail, a software for personalizing digital print. Originally designed for Xerox machines only, it was soon enhanced to support the new postscript definition. These were exiting times in many respects. Photoshop 3 appeared, allowing plug-ins to enhance its capabilities. For years we sold photoshop plug-ins.


1997 we started the first photoagency in Switzerland with digital files only – a real novelty at the time  (www.kursiv.com). It was the era when Photodisc was purchased by Getty. We sent out over a hundred image catalogs to customers across Switzerland, in a time when Internet was still slow and photos were shipped on CDs, later DVDs.


2008 first products for sale were developed. Filemaker applications were launched, with a focus on solutions for photographers and photoagencies. Among the solutions is a multilingual keywording software, designed for fast and consistent keywording in production environments. It is used worldwide.


Today the focus is on consultancy and development, especially on the crossroads between photography, publishing, workflows and databases. Our services include professional keywording, database-consultancy and development (Filemaker) and we cooperate with several partners for server based solutions.

Additionally we offer workshops, trainings and lectures about several topics.

And we love Jazz.