FileMaker in Eastern Switzerland

1. December 2020In Consulting, FilemakerBy Karsten Risseeuw4 Minutes

Kursiv distributes and develops software products. We are developing with Filemaker Pro. Who develops with Filemaker Pro and what kind of product is it? What can you do with it?

What is FileMaker?

FileMaker is a low code development environment. It allows you to develop software solutions quickly and cost-effectively. FileMaker itself is software. It is used to create interactive software solutions that run on the FileMaker platform. A FileMaker-based software solution always requires the FileMaker Platform to run on it. This is similar to the way an InDesign file requires a full version of InDesign to open the file. For FileMaker this means that you need a FileMaker license for Mac or Windows, or on iOS the free FileMaker Go App. There are also possibilities to work directly in a web browser. Whatever the platform, the data format always remains the same, which makes it especially easy to work in mixed system environments.

FileMaker is particularly suitable for data processing, i.e. the collection, analysis and output of information. You can think of ERP systems, but also of time recording, planning, the mapping of operational processes and much more.

FileMaker, Claris und Apple

FileMaker is a product by Claris. Claris is a subsidiary company of Apple. The company is healthy and has been developing ever better versions for decades. The current version is version 19. Millions of licenses have been sold worldwide and there is a very active and competent developer community in the German speaking countries.

FileMaker is especially popular among SMEs. With little effort almost everyone can start immediately and optimize their own business processes. For many it is also the replacement of Excel files. With FileMaker workflows can be mapped, it can be worked in a network and many tasks are easy to realize. For these reasons, FileMaker is often also a supplement to larger standard systems.

Claris calls FileMaker a “Workplace Innovation Platform”. With it, everyday tasks can be standardized, simplified and improved.

FileMaker competence in Eastern Switzerland

In Eastern Switzerland there is an active FileMaker group, in which Kursiv also participates. Its central contact point is the website The website is in German only. Developers introduce themselves and there is a newsletter on FileMaker topics. Once the current pandemic is over, we hope to meet again in person. Our current meetings are virtual via Zoom.

How is it that I recommend not only myself but also my colleagues? It’s simple: I know and appreciate most developers for years. Each developer has its strengths and experiences. Networking also allows collaboration whenever the project requires it. The FileMaker community is alive and helpful.

Playground for FileMaker ideas

Kursiv also has a website that is about FileMaker only. On we created something like a small playground for FileMaker ideas, with free modules, sample files and detailed information about our FileMaker products for developers.

Your next FileMaker project

Kursiv develops for developers. Our motto is “Providing help for self-help”. We coach, support and develop your project. You can read more about this here on this page:

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