FileMaker Runtime versions are no longer supported

Kursiv has removed several products from their portfolio.

28. February 2020By Karsten Risseeuw2 Minutes

FileMaker developers could, until now, include a free runtime version of FileMaker, which allowed customers to run a simple database on a single computer. This option longer is available and FileMaker runtime versions are no longer properly working on current systems. Kursiv therefore decided to remove several products from their website.

We create software solutions based on FileMaker Pro. Several of our products have been sold together with a free runtime version of FileMaker Pro. This allowed us to have small solutions at small prices. Customers frequently needed just a simple tool to solve a single task. A few years ago the development of the free runtime version of FileMaker was stopped and support ends altogether this spring. Claris, the company creating FileMaker Pro, offers no alternative. Understandably, Claris earns by selling licenses, not by offering free runtime versions.

Whether this is a good move or not remains to be seen. But it has a clear consequence for some of our products. The following products were shipped with a runtime version of FileMaker:

  • KIM TimeLog
  • YouthEvents
  • KIM Keywording

The time tracking solution “KIM TimeLog” and the administration for youth groups “YouthEvents” have now been removed from our program. For the keywording software “KIM Keywording” there was a change: Now only the software solution is sold, but the customer needs a full version of FileMaker to run the solution.

FileMaker Pro is a platform for business solutions with many advantages for users. However, licensing smaller solutions is not always worthwhile when an additional license from FileMaker is a prerequisite. This is the reason why we no longer offer these solutions directly. However, we do support existing users and help them migrate to a full version of FileMaker if they wish.