Finally get a grip on your data with FileMaker

Automation of everyday tasks

17. April 2020By Karsten Risseeuw5 Minutes

Who is working is generating data, i.e. information about the work. From the customer address to the production status, data is collected, offers and invoices are written and a thousand other things are processed. Most daily tasks are repetitive and can therefore be recorded in a structured way. This increases transparency, reduces the risk of errors and enables a targeted approach to business.

Use the time in lockdown

We live in a challenging time with unique opportunities. The COVID-19 virus will shut down the global economy for months. Governments “close” entire countries, and suddenly everyone is forced to improvise. It will take some time before it’s all over. It is still unclear how any exit strategy will work out after a relaxation. It seems certain, on the other hand, that the consequences of this period will linger with us for a long time to come.

I consider myself as pragmatic. I ask myself what I can do today which helps me tomorrow. During this time one must keep a cool head and look ahead courageously. We can think about that now.

Those who pave the way for new options today will have better chances of standing their ground in the future. The evaluation and simplification of internal company processes play an important role here. Think of automation requirements in day-to-day operations.

Now is a good time to contemplate workflows and software in your company.

Automation with FileMaker

FileMaker is a platform to develop business solutions. It’s not a specific software solution, it’s the software that allows you to create solutions. It’s like speaking of a word processor, which can be used to write different texts.

Many businesses use Excel to manage their data. This is a very powerful tool, but Excel is not a database, nor does it allow you to create intuitive interfaces. FileMaker, however, organizes data in an intuitive way. It’s used to create attractive and efficient software solutions that work on both Mac and Windows, and can also run on the web or iOS. One data format for a wide range of applications!

With FileMaker, you can automate business processes and bring them together on one platform. FileMaker solutions can be secured, shared over a network, and accessed by multiple people with their individual accounts and access rights.

In short, with FileMaker you can take control of your data.

Jump-start help for FileMaker developers

Kursiv Software builds solutions for FileMaker developers and those who want to become one.

FM Starter

With our startup file “FM Starter” there is a quick start for every new FileMaker project. With FM Starter you get a proven project structure and many generic tools are already integrated (navigation, multilingualism, user management, etc.).

FM Registrations

Do you want to convert your FileMaker development into standard software and sell it multiple times? If so, “FM Registrations” can be of help. With FM Registrations you can create license keys for your own FileMaker solutions. Therefore you can easily sell the same solution to multiple customers.

Kursiv provides help to self-help

Decide for yourself whether you prefer to develop on your own or whether you prefer assistance with the project. Kursiv offers optimal help for both scenarios. You can use our cost-effective FileMaker solutions or order coaching and training. We support on site or remotely.

FileMaker Coaching

Where can I get further information?

On our website you will find many free example files as well as documentation and videos about our commercial FileMaker products. We are also part of an active FileMaker developer group in Eastern Switzerland, accessible via the website If you want to learn more about the possibilities of FileMaker or if you want to join us as a developer, we recommend the German FileMaker Conference. This conference takes place once a year and further information is available on The FileMaker Magazine is a website with magazine but also a very active forum with German-speaking developers. All this can be found on If you want to start with self-study, you can find introductory videos about FileMaker and many other topics on the website