Markzware just updated two products: FlightCheck as well as Q2ID no support the new document format from QuarkXPress 2017.

These frequent updates make up the value of converting or preflighting software. Both are designed to allow solid interaction  between some documents and your preferred publishing platform. That is why Markzware is constantly improving and enhancing its products. If you have a subscription on one of the products, you can simply download the latest version from your personal download links.

FlightCheck Pro

FlightCheck Pro is a software to preflight documents and test for possible errors. This includes native formats like from XPress, InDesign, etc., but also typical export formats like EPS, PDF, PDF-X and others. FlightCheck Pro does not need any other software to run, nor the original applications. It will check document formats independently and create reports, points to errors, text-overflows, and errors in included files (EPS). FlightCheck Pro is an indispensible tool for process planning and helps you to secure a reliable output quality.

XPress to InDesign

Q2ID is a plug-in for Adobe InDesign, which can open documents from QuarkXPress. When opening a document it is automatically converted to a native InDesign document, which can be handled just like any other InDesign document.