FM Designer - designing FileMaker projects made easy

10 themes for FileMaker Pro

Kursiv Software has just launched a new product for FileMaker developers. FM Designer is a collection of 10 themes for FileMaker Pro that work together perfectly. But FM Designer is also an elegant tool for creating your own designs.

Development is not just technical

Apple has shown the way: good products not only convince through their functionality, but also through excellent design. The design often determines whether a product is considered good, simple or interesting. An elegant design always brings the essentials to the point. That is an art.

FileMaker developers are always confronted with design as well, because FileMaker Pro links functionality to layouts and objects. That’s why FileMaker developers are always in the role of the designer. But developers don’t always have the knowledge or time to create a good design. How do you solve this dilemma?


10 FileMaker themes

FileMaker Pro is no layout software, but it offers many useful design tools. There is a grid and there are guides that can be displayed on the page and used for object alignment. You can also define objects by using style sheets. A set of styles that are coordinated with each other can be saved as a “theme”. These themes simplify and unify the design. The best way to compare these designs is to compare them to CSS templates – the design descriptions that are also used for websites. FileMaker has given this design description of object properties a nice interface so that anyone can work with it.

FM Designer includes 10 carefully crafted designs, with many variations available for each object. The designs are compatible with each other. For example, if a layout was created using a specific design from this series, you can switch the entire layout with all objects to another design with a few clicks.


FM Designer and FM Developer Bundle

Together with FM Designer, a new product bundle was also introduced, the FM Developer Bundle. This bundle is a turnkey solution for new FileMaker projects and includes

  1. FM Starter, the universal starter file for new FileMaker projects
  2. FM Registrations, allowing you to create license codes for own FileMaker solutions
  3. FM Designer, a collection of FileMaker designs and tools for creating custom themes.

FM Designer was created based on the FM Starter theme. If you already work with FM Starter, you can now easily import themes from FM Designer and immediately switch to a new look.

Resources, videos and manuals

FM Designer comes with a detailed manual (German and English) and videos (German and English). The complete documentation is available on The sale is done via
FM Designer is a FileMaker file. To use the solution, a full version of FileMaker Pro is required (recommended: FileMaker Pro 18 or newer). The file itself is monolingual English, but the resources are multilingual.