FM Starter 2.15 released

Bug fixes and improvements

3. June 2020By Karsten Risseeuw3 Minutes

Kursiv has just released a new version of FM Starter. Version 2.15 has fixed some bugs and also brought some new features as well. It is an important update that will bring significant improvements for some users. All changes for version 2.13, 2.14 and 2.15 are now unlocked. The focus of this update is on the following topics:

  1. The default theme has been extended. The style sheets have been given new names and some new styles have been added. In addition, a third page has been integrated, on which all object styles were mapped with their object. Now there is something like a style catalog with all style definitions.
  2. Landing pages for user groups. User groups now get one landing page per platform (Desktop/iPhone/iPad/Web), which is accessed after login. Until now there was only one “landing page” for this, regardless of the platform.
  3. Backup of program settings. Up to now, program settings were only managed in global fields. However, if you develop a file on the server, you cannot store information permanently here. Now there is a backup function that reloads the correct data in the startup script.
  4. The user’s language settings are now correctly activated at program startup.

These and other adjustments are listed in detail in the ToDo-module and can be integrated into existing solutions if required.

Download and updates

All customers who bought or renewed FM Starter in the last year can download the update from their account at

Preannouncement for FM Designer

Coming soon: we are currently working on the completion of a new product called “FM Designer”. FM Designer offers 10 optimized design templates (themes) for FileMaker development that are perfectly matched to FM Starter. The design template adjustments in FM Starter 2.15 are designed to prepare you for the new FM Designer.

FM Designer will be released in June 2020.


What is FM Starter?

FM Starter is a starter file for new FileMaker projects. The file includes basic modules for navigation, user management, multilingual text labels and more. More information is available at