FM Starter: Development environment for Filemaker Pro


Filemaker probably ist the most sold database worldwide. The database platform is easy to use and results can be achieved quickly. It is a flexible and excellent tool to match and enhance business processes. Filemaker Pro allows you to create software solutions easily.

FM Starter is a product, a starter file for Filemaker, to boost your Filemaker development. It can make it quicker and simpler to achieve stunning results.

FM Starter is a development environment which already covers many basic requirements of any new development, like for example a dynamic and table based navigation for Filemaker, a user management solution and many other building blocks. FM Starter has been set up as a multilingual software right from the beginning and the software aims to make all settings adjustable through an easy and intuitive interface.

FM Starter can be used for rapid application development, for example to visualize new Filemaker projects before the project even starts. Create dummy projects with simple layouts, but fully adjustable and with a working navigation. Workflows and processes, needed masks and lists, can be set-up quickly in a working environment.

FM Starter offers a simple address database, which is provided as an example on how to implement new tables, functionalities and workflows.

FM Starter has its own website, which can be found here: