FM Starter now available as version 2

FM Starter 2 is the starting point for new FileMaker projects

FileMaker developers can now rely on FM Starter 2 for building new databases. The starter file for new FileMaker projects comes with a sound project structure and many modules for basic functionality like a navigation, a user management solution and much more.

With FM Starter 2, new projects can be started easier then ever. As all basic functions are already integrated, developers no longer have to take care for repetitive tasks. While many FileMaker developers tend to rely on previous work for new projects, only a fraction of developers have the time to create their very own starter solution.

FM Starter 2 also can be used as a production sample of a working solution, to learn about FileMaker programming. It is a sound basis for real-life solutions.

FM Starter offers a developer Dashboard, combining all settings and for the solution and its integrated modules. This simplifies programming to mere configuring. The approach can easily be understood by FileMaker novices and readily be used and enhanced by experienced developers.

FM Starter 2 is a FileMaker file and requires a full version of FileMaker Pro 17 as a minimum. The product can be purchased at Kursiv Software ( Full information about the product can be found on the FM Starter website (