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6. November 2020In WordPressBy Karsten Risseeuw4 Minutes

Every website needs regular maintenance. That’s why there is the WordPress support subscription from Kursiv. In this service we package many services that together ensure the operation of a WordPress-based website. This includes regular updates of all components, external backups, caching to increase performance, security optimization and much more. Now there is a new service: image optimization.

Why image optimization?

Modern websites use a lot of images. Generous images are emotional, communicate well and are a business card for the company. Good pictures are essential today. There is, however, a downside: very large pictures are “difficult”. Their file size slows down the website. In extreme cases, the website becomes slow, which has an immediate effect on acceptance by the viewer. Google also rates fast websites better than slow websites.

It’s like a letterbox – if the letter doesn’t fit in there, it has to be deposited as a package in front of the door. Not everyone is on the go with fast internet. This is comparable to the size of a letter box. The lighter and narrower the letter, the more mailboxes can be served.

Image optimization can help here. The image size can be reduced, for example, by increasing the compression or by removing unnecessary information (e.g. EXIF data in the files). This makes the images smaller and the website automatically becomes faster. It’s not that easy, because you need a balance between optimization and appearance. If the compression is too high, the file size will be reduced, but it will also reduce the image quality. Here you need good tools for the result to be successful.

Online optimization with ShortPixel

An image optimization can be achieved with the help of specialized tools before the images are uploaded. The alternative is an optimization directly in the website. This last option is significantly easier than the manual optimization before and also more consistent.

I’ve been looking for a good solution for a long time. With ShortPixel I have now found what I am looking for. The service is now part of the Kursiv support subscription for WordPress. The solution has been extensively tested and the results are outstanding. My photography website is an example ( ) that lives from high quality images. The page became extremely much faster, with the same image quality. Depending on the website and images, between 30% and 80% of the image sizes are saved. Other italic websites have also seen major improvements, including and .

Update for all customers

The image optimization will now be implemented gradually for all customers in line with this experience. The implementation is harmless and one of several optimizations that are implemented anyway. There are only benefits associated with it. If you have special requirements, we will first contact you, for example if you sell high-resolution images (for example photographers or picture agencies).

The support subscription for WordPress now includes:

  1. Regular updates of all website components (5–7 times a week)
  2. Additional external backups
  3. Optimized caching
  4. Optimizing security
  5. Optimization of the images (new).

If you have any questions, we are> here available for you.