Date: November 3, 2016
Status: Released
Product: KIM Keywording 3
Topic: Keywording software
Target group: Photographers, Photo agencies, Keywording services
Created by: Kursiv Software, Switzerland (www.kursiv-software.com/en/)
Tags: #keywording #photography #software #iptc #metadata



KIM Keywording 3 released


Swiss software developer Kursiv Software just released their keywording software in a new version. KIM Keywording 3 comes with a completely revamped interface, improved workflows and updated components.



St. Gallen. KIM Keywording 3 is a database software solution, developed for photographers, photo agencies and professional keywording services. The software allows for a project-oriented approach of keywording and is especially well fitted for a structured approach.

Karsten Risseeuw of Kursiv Software about the development: “As a photo agency representing other collections, we have done extensive work on the processing of metadata for our own needs. The metadata which came in on a monthly base frequently was not standardised, resulting in all kinds of hassles. We realised that we needed a more structured solution to simplify our workflows. But there was more. We noted that many of our suppliers struggled with updating their keywords, adding keyword languages, and other updates. We solved these requirements by developing KIM Keywording. The software is now being used internationally, frequently by specialised archives and photographers. The public release of the software was 2008. We continued to develop the software. The new version incorporates quite some user feedback to make it an even better experience”.

A structured approach to keywording

KIM Keywording 3 works with a hierarchical keyword structure and supports multilingual keywording. The software allows updating of already keyworded images at any later point in time (for example, to add synonyms or even an extra language). The keywording process can be finely edited. QuickLists, Wizard functions as well as semi-automatic keyword optimisation, increase productivity and simplify handling of complex situations. It’s all about achieving a high standard of keywording. Because the software relies on a database, general database functionality can be applied to any field as well, for example to filter expressions, or to combine several fields into another field. One advantage of maintaining a database of all information of your images is the versatile search you can apply – even when the discs, on which your images reside, are not mounted or available.

Many photographers get keywords from external keyworders in Excel spreadsheets. KIM Keywording can import these spreadsheets and save the information back into the files. The databases KIM Keywording creates can be easily exchanged with, for example, external keyworders.

Highlights: Multilingual keywording in up to 10 languages, project oriented, Filemaker Pro based database solution, Mac and Windows, Hierarchical keyword database, renaming files and merging folders. Interface in English, German and Dutch, available in a 1-language-version or a 10-language-version.

Further information, as well as free test versions, can be found on the Kursiv website:


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