KIM Keywording 3

Multilingual keywording for photographers and photo agencies

Image database and metadata processor, keywording tool and image management. KIM Keywording prepares your photos and illustrations to be uploaded to websites.

KIM Keywording – Concept and overview

KIM Keywording – Step-by-step introduction

Images, metadata, import & export

KIM Keywording is a unique and comprehensive solution for keywording photos, processing IPTC information and to import and export metadata. Typical users for KIM Keywordings are image users with multitudes of images, in need for professional keywording and processing. This can be stock photographers, photo agencies or orther power users.

KIM Keywording highlights:

  • Image import
  • Metadata import
  • Metadata processing
  • Metadata export
  • Multilingual keywording (up to 10 languages simultaneous or by updating later)
  • Optimizing existing keywords
  • Selective keyword processing (singulars, plurals, synonyms)
  • Hierarchical keyword structure
  • Change languages and optimize keywords any time after the keywording process
  • Exchange easy job files with external keyworders
  • Exchange keyword databases with external keyworders
  • Project oriented approach with status updates

Not just a file browser

KIM Keywording is a database solution. Most other keywording tools are file browser. Which are the advantages of a database?

  • Fully searchable image database, independent from the availability of the original files
  • Well structure keyword database with flexible settings
  • Import and export of metadata any time, with configurable options.

KIM Keywording is multilingual. There is no standard to save multilingual information. The IPTC definition covers a single language, for example. KIM Keywording has the following highlights:

  • Read and write IPTC data (JPG, single language)
  • Additional fields for more languages (export)
  • All keywords differentiate with singular, plural and synonyms and up to 10 languages.
  • Up to 10 keyword languages
  • Retroactive upgrading of already keyworded images (updates or additional languages)
  • Excellent metadata handling.

Precise, controllable, flexible

KIM Keywording works with a hierarchical keyword structure as maintained in its own keyword database.The keyword database is at the core of this solution. You build this database yourself, according to your needs and the topics you cover. A small start database comes with the application, showing you how you could build your very own optimized set of keywords. During keywording you will search the keyword database, pick a string of keywords and apply that to your image. Strings within a hierarchical keyword structure function like a solid context for the phrases you use. The entire string from a hierarchical structure possibly adds a dozen additional and relevant keywords with a single click.

This very same keyword structure is also used to support reliable translations. The position of any keyword within the keyword structure is to be understood as a context. For example: the meaning of “orange” is decided by its context. You might find it within the context of “colour” one time, and within the context of “citrus fruit” another time. Higher levels within the same string define the context of the most specific word further down the string. Because of this contextual approach, it is possible to add precise translations in any word, as is defined by its context.

KIM Keywording gives access to the keyword structure in different ways. Quicklists for example can be defined to create instant links to frequently used keywords. Click on an entry in the list to add that string of keywords to your image. The Wizard Function analyzes the caption and presents you a clickable list of all corresponding keywords it found in the database. These functions speed up keywording tremendously.

Processing metadata

KIM Keywording reads and writes IPTC data in JPG files. Metadata can be imported and exported. If you have external metadata which you would like to embed into your files, KIM Keywording can do so for you. For exporting data a variety of formats is available (CSV, XLSX, etc.).

As KIM Keywording is a database, you can unleash any regular database functions on your fields. This way you can insert, combine, delete, merge all kind of information. KIM Keywording is based on FileMaker Pro, a versatile database platform with great ease-of-use.


KIM Keywording s based on FileMaker Pro 16 and can be run on both Mac ahd Windows. Kursiv delivers the software with a free runtime version of FileMaker Pro 16 for Mac and Windows. This allows you to work locally on a single computer. If you would prefer using KIM Keywording with your own FileMaker Pro licenses, you need at least FileMaker Pro 15.