Make two out of one - Kursiv separates between software solutions

FileMaker products are now all on

24. March 2021In FilemakerBy Karsten Risseeuw2 Minutes

Everything is simplified

We have been maintaining two websites for many years, but only one shop. Our products for FileMaker developers were featured on, but sold via This division had grown over time, but the approach was suboptimal. We just simplified that.

    This is the place for general software products. This is the same as before. Markzware products can be found here, as well as other Kursiv products.
    This website is focussed on FileMaker developers. We built a shop and set up a new newsletter. There will be a lot more going on here shortly. All of our commercial products for FileMaker developers are now only available through

What happens to my FileMaker purchases?

FileMaker products can no longer be purchased from However, all previous purchases are valid and downloads from the orders work. In the next few weeks we will transfer all active orders to We inform every customer who is affected by this.

New developments and regular newsletters

The current pandemic has many consequences. One of them is the trend towards more digital tools. The separation of our websites into “General Software” and “Software for FileMaker Developers” is just a small step towards better online offers. This opens up new possibilities, which we will report on soon.

Newsletters are becoming more regular. This applies to both and the new newsletter on You can subscribe to the new FileMaker Newsletter here: