PDFMarkz in Betatest

The successor of the InDesign plug-in PDF2DTP is in the starting blocks

29. January 2021In PublishingBy Karsten Risseeuw3 Minutes

Just before the release

PDFMarkz is the next product to be released by Markzware. As the successor to the InDesign plug-in PDF2DTP, it will convert PDF documents into editable publishing documents. The manufacturer is following the new strategy of releasing products as standalone versions. So while PDF2DTP is still a plug-in for InDesign, PDFMarkz (like IDMarkz and QXPMarkz) is an independent software. The advantage is that there no longer has to be any other software installed in order for the software to run.

When the software will definitely be available has not yet been announced. However, current users of PDF2DTP have access to the beta version via the personal download link of their current valid license.

easy installation

PDFMarkz can be installed in no time. On the Mac, it’s just a drag and drop. After the first start, you have to enter the registration email and the serial number and then complete the registration with personal information.

Convert PDF documents

PDFMarkz reads PDF documents. It’s as easy as drag-and-drop.

Das Dokument wird analysiert und von allen Seiten erscheint eine Preview. Ausserdem gibt es Informationen über Bilder, Fonts, Farben, usw.

Export as an image or as IDML

If the document is available in PDFMarkz, it can be exported in many different formats. On the one hand there are image formats (TIFF, JPG, PNG), on the other hand there are IDML and PDF to choose from. The fastest way, however, is shown below.

Das IDML-Format lässt sich in XPress, InDesign und Affinity Publisher importieren. Für diese letzten drei Optionen gibt es deshalb einen Schnell-Modus: Von PDFMarkz kann das Dokument sofort in XPress, InDesign oder Publisher aufgemacht werden. Dabei wird das Dokument zuerst nach IDML konvertiert und anschliessend sofort in der Zielsoftware geöffnet.

Die Datei in Affinity Publisher aufgemacht.

The perfect universal tool

PDFMarkz is a universal tool for prepress. All kinds of documents can be transferred to publishing programs. Of course, these can be already existing PDF documents from which you no longer have any other templates. However, there is always the requirement to use documents from other programs (Word, websites) as the basis for new publishing documents. These documents can now be easily integrated via PDF.

Conversion often saves hours of work. The perfect thing about this solution is that you are not tied to a publishing platform. You can freely choose how to export the document and where to open it. Professional freedom looks like this.

As soon as the product is available, it will be listed on this website immediately.