IDMarkz SE (Win)

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Standalone software for converting InDesign documents to Windows. InDesign itself does not have to be present. Available as an annual license (including all updates) or as a one-time purchase of an endless license (without updates).


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IDMarkz SE for Windows

Completely independent from an installed InDesign: Convert INDD files to IDML, QuarkXPress, Affinity Designer, etc.

This is the version for Mac. There is also a version for Windows called “IDMarkz SE”.

IDMarkz SE for Windows is a new development. The Windows version easily converts original INDD documents from InDesign. However, some output options are different from the Mac version.

Open InDesign files

IDMarkz SE opens INDD and INDT files and converts them to IDML files that can be used in other versions of InDesign, QuarkXPress or Affinity Publisher. The product is therefore a good solution if you need compatibility between older and newer InDesign versions, or if you want to use InDesign files on other publishing platforms.

InDesign does not have to be installed for this to work. IDMarkz SE is stand-alone software that can open and display InDesign files. The preview function allows you to have an approximate preview of all pages. In addition, elements of the file are checked and any missing components are listed.

In contrast to the Mac version, IDMarkz SE does not support output in image files. Please note that IDMarkz SE is a new development and further adjustments and enhancements can be expected. However, there is no timeframe or list of features for this.

Convert standing sentence

IDMarkz is a one-time conversion tool for InDesign documents. For example, if you switch from InDesign to Affinity Publisher or another software, you do not have to convert all InDesign documents to IDML first, but can immediately convert original InDesign documents (INDD).

When an INDD file is opened, IDMarkz converts it to IDML. This is how you can get IDML documents without having InDesign. Anyone who, as a graphic designer or prepress company, has hundreds or thousands of documents in InDesign format, will hardly want to convert all of them with InDesign to IDML. IDMarkz is significantly easier and faster – and even more flexible.

When the INDD file is opened, IDMarkz interprets and converts it. A preview of all the pages is displayed, along with useful information about the document. The document can then be exported in a selectable format and (for example with Affinity Publisher) opened directly in the target software.

Additional information
Cover options

1-Year subscription, single license, Purchase (single version, no upgrades)



MacOS 10.12 Sierra, MacOS 10.13 High Sierra, MacOS 10.14 Mojave, MacOS 10.15 Catalina, MacOS 11.0 Big Sur

Minimal requirements

Internet connection, Professional current hardware

InDesign Versionen

Adobe Creative Cloud (current version when becoming available), CS4, CS5, CS6

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