German-language introduction to PDFMarkz at Com2Publish

New videos show step by step what is important

22. October 2021In PublishingBy Karsten Risseeuw1 Minutes

New tools need new introductions. Now the learning platform Com2Publish has presented a short series of 5 videos that show step by step how to get from PDF files to new publishing documents.

Introduction to PDFMarkz

Com2Publish is a video learning platform on which videos on a wide variety of topics are regularly published. They are all involved in prepress, photography, and digital data. Italic, for example, has been contributing videos to FileMaker for years.

In the 2021-03 edition, Peter Jäger took on the PDFMarkz software. In 5 short videos he shows step by step how to use PDFMarkz to convert PDF documents first to IDML and from there to XPress, InDesign, Affinity Publisher and other formats. The first video is public. For the other videos you need a (cheap) subscription to the platform.

Introductory video

German-language videos

There are several videos about PDFMarkz on the Internet, but most are in English. Com2Publish only publishes German-language videos, which suits many.


PDFMarkz software converts PDF files to IDML. This means that usable layout documents can be generated from almost any PDF file. Maybe you only have a PDF file available and want to open it in InDesign. PDFMarkz offers a very precise representation of the original file via the IDML format. The conversion is done in no time, after which you have to check the document again of course.