QXPMarkz: Markzware launches the successor of ID2Q

QXPMarkz replaces the previous ID2Q

5. June 2020In PublishingBy Karsten Risseeuw4 Minutes

Markzware has just launched QXPMarkz, a software for converting QuarkXPress documents. The new tool replaces the previous Q2ID, which was available as a plug-in for InDesign.

A new generation

A new generation of Markzware tools is created. Previous plug-ins are gradually being transformed into standalone products. After IDMarkz, QXPMarkz has now been released. While IDMarkz converts InDesign documents, QXPMarkz enables the conversion of XPress documents. Such a development is logical and has several advantages.

First, it no longer requires any additional software. ID2Q was previously a plug-in for Adobe InDesign and could only be used in conjunction with InDesign. Current solutions are stand-alone software solutions.

Secondly, the functionality becomes more versatile. When an XPress document is opened with QXPMarkz, it can be saved in IDML, PDF or one of several image formats. In addition, these formats allow the converted file to be opened directly in another software. This allows an XPress file to be edited directly in Affinity Publisher, but just as easily in Adobe InDesign.


Universal tool for Xpress documents

QXPMarkz is a universal tool for XPress documents. You do not need an XPress license to open original XPress documents. You get a preview (directly from the document data) and some more information about the document. The preview even allows you to flip through all pages of the document. This is something like a mini-preflighting function. Afterwards, the document can be converted in several formats and also be opened directly in popular software solutions.

QXPMarkz is a cost-effective and flexible way to convert any XPress document on demand. Very old documents may need to be converted to a newer XPress format using Quark’s own free conversion solution before they can be opened in QXPMarkz.


The cryptic names remain

Markzware produces real tongue twisters with the product names. Although all names are logical, it takes special attention when using them. However, the trend towards renewal seems to offer some benefits here as well:

  • ID2Q has been dropped, in its place IDMarkz appeared
  • Q2ID has been removed, in whose place QXPMarkz was just released.

The name is mission statement: IDMarkz opens and converts InDesign documents. QXPMarkz opens and converts QuarkXPress documents. Currently, only one plug-in remains, namely PDF2DTP. If there were a successor, what would the name of the new product be?


Annual license or continuous license

QXPMarkz can be purchased either as an annual license including all updates, or as an unlimited license without updates. When purchasing, the preferred version can be specified. The annual license is not a subscription and you do not have to renew it. The license expires automatically, but you can renew the license at any time.