How do you make your images available?

Keywording strategies for the 21st century

Dead capital or game changer?

Today’s communication heavily depends on photos. Do you have your images organized and accessible? How are the usage rights? Do you have any expiry dates registered? How do you handle the information about the images and how will people find the images they need? These are the questions which drive our passion. We know that images which are only archived on a set of hard discs have no value at all. We help you to transform this dead capital into valuable assets.

Keywording transforms your photos into valuable assets.

Metadata (the: data about images) can be harmonized, search phrases can be added, to create a coherent set of data, to be used in any system. We help you to bridge the gaps in know-how and processing. This turns your images into assets with super power.

Keywording and consulting

Kursiv helps you to evaluate and create a fitting keyword strategy, optimized for your needs.

  • Consulting for image databases
  • Keywording of your photos (english, german, …)
  • Workshops or lectures on keywording
  • Data migration to new platforms
  • Evaluation of image platforms and databases for your needs.

Our know-how enhanced the know-how of your team. A first talk can show if we are a good fit for your requirements and if your project is something we’d like to work on.