Which keywording strategy fits your company?


Images are valuable assets. A good keywording strategy can transform these assets into a valuable resource. For many companies it is a challenge to manage their photos, illustrations and other visual assets. Optimizing the information about each file greatly improves the valua of each single asset. Keywording is here the key to success.


Keywording transforms your photos into valuable assets.


Kursiv helps you to evaluate your very own keywording strategy. If needed, we even help you to do the keywording and provide you with a reliable set of data, ready for you to integrate into your systems. We use our own software solutions to perform the task. If you need any specific output, we adapt our workflows to match your requirements.


Our keywording services

  • Consulting for your image projects
  • Keywording (englisch, german, …)
  • Workshops and introductions to keywording.