How do you make your images available?

Keywording strategies for the 21st century

Dead capital or game changer?

Those who communicate often do so with photos. Do you have a suitable image management system in use? Have usage rights been clarified and expiry dates communicated? Can images be searched and found? We are dealing with these questions. If pictures are only lying around on hard drives but nobody knows about them, then that is «dead capital».

Only keywording turns images into valuable assets.

A good keywording strategy can summarize information about images in such a way that your images are not “dead capital” but can be used. Internal image management is a challenge for many companies. However, when structured data is available, these images can be integrated into systems much more easily. Keywording is the key to success here. We help to structure and harmonize your data so that images become part of your success again.

Keywording and Consulting

Kursiv helps you to develop the appropriate keywording strategy. We provide our know-how or, if necessary, take over the keywording of the images. We will first discuss the requirements with you, receive the pictures from you and provide complete information. If necessary, we will quickly develop the software solutions so that we can meet your requirements.

  • Consulting for image projects
  • Keywording of your pictures (English, German, …)
  • Keywording training
  • Data migration to new platforms
  • Evaluation of requirement profiles for image databases

We can complement your team with our know-how. The best way to find out whether this fits in with a personal interview. Talk to us.