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YouthEvents is an administrative software to register both events and its regular participants. YouthEvents has a focus on the needs of youth clubs, local clubs, churches and similar event organizers. The software helps to keep track of all regular visitors, including their addresses, contact details, relationships, etc.

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YouthEvents – easy registration of participants




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YouthEvents allows you, as an organiser, to register participants to your events. The software has been designed to fit the needs of youth clubs, kids encounterings, teenager camps etc. Organiser can register events, people, addresses and more. This approach gives you and your team secure access to a valuable database with important contacts, phone numbers, connections, as well as participation to certain events. The information also helps you to evaluate attendance over time, growth or decline in certain events and much more. YouthEvents helps you to maintain consistent data about all people involved.

Register events as well as personal details of all contacts (including addresses, phone numbers, etc.). You can list parents, link siblings, add schools or any other important persons. From each event you will know who participated. Additional information like birthdays, accompaning persons and the like can be added easily. Once someone has been properly registered, you can add that person to an event with a single click.

YouthEvents is based on FileMaker Pro and runs on Mac or Windows (current hardware and operating systems). Delivery includes a free runtime version of FileMaker Pro, which allows you to run YouthEvents on a single computer. Would you like to run the software in a multi-client environment, you will need additional FileMaker Pro licenses. In case you already have a current version of FileMaker Pro, you can run YouthEvents as an additional solution on your existing platform (minimum requirement: FileMaker Pro 15). YouthEvents itself is not limited to a certain number of users.

The software has a multilingual interface (English, German, French and Duch) and you can assign as many team members as you like, each with an own account. The data is password protected.

Simplify and professionalize the registration of participants with YouthEvents!


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