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FM Registrations is a Filemaker-based software to generate license keys for your own Filemaker solutions. You need at least Filemaker Pro 15 Advanced in order to use these files and to implement them into your own solutions.

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Create unlock codes for your FileMaker solutions

FM Registrations creates license codes for your own Filemaker solutions. With FM Registration you set a secret key for each solution and can then create unique registration codes for your customers, to let them activate their license of your software.

FM Registrations can work with random codes as well as with encrypted features. Encrypted features describe something of your solution, which is transported within the encrypted license code. Think of the number of users, an expiry date or any other information. These features are decrypted when the user enters his registration details and you can use this to unlock predefined functionalities in your software, to upgrade the number of users, or set a new expiry date. And much more of course!

Make it easier to sell your standard software

FM Registrations is a Sales Tool. It makes it incredibly easy to deliver the same software to another customer, and let them unlock it with a unique code. Implement FM Registrations once, adapt your solution according to your needs, and off you go! It becomes easy, and also works when you remove the admin access from your solution. FM Registrations is especially designed to help you sell standard solutions.

FM Registrations also is a Marketing Tool. Do more with your solution and create several versions within the same file – by adding configuration options. Light versions, Full versions, Test versions, additional functionality or a limitation on certain features – simply build it once, then use it to sell upgrades, new options, etc.


FM Registrations is being delivered as a set of Filemaker files. The solutions contains a Code Generator (FM Registrations, without administration access) as well as an example file (freely editable). The example file is built with the structure of a Filemaker Module, and comes with a step-by-step implementation guide and good test functions.

Further informations

A complete documentation can be found on the website

Minimal requirements

You need at least Filemaker Pro 15 Advanced (Mac or Win), to implement the files and functionality in your solutions.



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