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Standalone software to convert InDesign documents. InDesign does not need to be installed. Several export formats can be chosen from (INDD, IDML, PDF, TIF, etc.). Available as a one-year license including all updates or as a forever-license without (!) updates.


IDMarkz: Converting InDesign-documents, without InDesign

Completely independent from an installed InDesign: Convert INDD files to IDML, QuarkXPress, Affinity Designer, etc.

IDMarkz is the most versatile conversion tool for InDesign documents. You not only can convert INDD files directly to several InDesign formats, IDML, PDF and image formats.

All without InDesign

Can you open InDesign-files (INDD) without InDesign? Well, normally not, but you can with IDMarkz. The conversion software opens almost any InDesign document, renders a preview of all pages, allows you to flip through them and offers a variety of export options. That is all quite amazing.

IDMarkz also immediately offers a list of all elements along with some informations about the document, like the number of pages, fonts, images, etc. Together with the preview you have something like a mini-preflighting going on. You can visually check on the document, which is extremely fast for a first look and it is an amazing feature for anyone lacking a version of InDesign.

Convert Standing Type

IDMarkz is a tool for one-time conversion of InDesign documents. For example, anyone switching from InDesign to Affinity Publisher or any other software – or even to other InDesign versions – does not have to convert all InDesign documents to IDML first, but can immediately convert original InDesign documents (INDD).

When an INDD file is opened, IDMarkz converts it to IDML. This way, you can also get IDML documents without having InDesign. If you are a graphic designer or prepress company with perhaps hundreds or thousands of documents in InDesign format, you will hardly want to convert them all to IDML with InDesign. IDMarkz is much easier and faster in this respect – and even more flexible.

When the INDD file is opened, it is interpreted and converted by IDMarkz. A preview of all pages is displayed, together with useful information about the document. The document can then be exported in a selectable format and opened directly in the target software (e.g. Affinity Publisher).


Markzware products are regularly updated. When, for example, a new document version of InDesign is released, an update will be provided as soon as possible. However, there is a difference between the purchase versions: If you purchase an unlimited license during 2020, InDesign CC 2020 is part of the solution. If Adobe releases an update to InDesign CC 2021, this update is no longer part of the perpetual license. However, an annual license always includes all updates, including an update to the next InDesign format if it is released within the subscription year.

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Cover options

1-Year subscription, single license, Purchase (single version, no upgrades)



MacOS 10.12 Sierra, MacOS 10.13 High Sierra, MacOS 10.14 Mojave, MacOS 10.15 Catalina, MacOS 11.0 Big Sur

Minimal requirements

Internet connection, Professional current hardware

InDesign Versionen

Adobe Creative Cloud (current version when becoming available), CS4, CS5, CS6

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