Simplify your Filemaker database development


Over 25 million licenses of Filemaker Pro have been sold in a few years. That is remarkable. Filemaker, a subsidiary of Apple, creates a powerful database software, which is being sold across the world in several language packages. It probably is one of the most sold – or the most sold – database software worldwide.

Filemaker is unique in its simplicity of use, the excellent design options and support for many platforms (Mac, Windows, iOS, Web). It is easy to start creating your own database with Filemaker. Almost anyone will gain prompt results and can start optimizing business processes right away.

Many typical Filemaker users start with one of the sample solutions, which come with the basic installation. This is great as a beginning. Anyone can start working with Filemaker. If the complexity of your solution increases, there might come a moment, where you need to level-up your know-how. You can invest the time to do this in-house, or you choose to get support from an external developer. There is a third option as well: Get a starter solution from a professional developer, to speed up and to professionalize your own development.


Get a jumpstart for your Filemaker development

To start with a sound base for your development, you also could choose to rely on a set-up of a professional developer. This can speed up your development time, give invaluable input for your project structure, helps to solve important issues right from the beginning – to name a few issues.

FM Starter is such a starter solution from Kursiv. The solution has its own website at where you can read more about the setup. FM Starter helps you realize these things immediately:

  • Dynamic navigation
  • Multilingual interface
  • Security settings
  • User accounts
  • Several other modules for searching, formatting phone numbers, etc.
  • Stylesheets
  • Separate windows for the user, the administrator and the developer
  • A simple address database to show you how things can be implemented.



FM Starter

FM Starter