Summer projects

Twice a year there are more quiet times: Summer and Winter breaks. As far as in your specific business these are not the high seasons, you will usually see a decline in calls, customers are on holiday and overall everything is slowing down. It seems like to be the perfect time for some own projects.

Frequently time is missing to evaluate your own business or to improve on own processes. During the summer time though there can be some time for these tasks. Whenever you felt you had to skip on important projects – now is the time to have a look at them again. Think of optimizing or creating your own database systems, to test new software products and integrate them into your existing workflows. There are many ways to improve your own working environment and to prepare for your next projects.

If you manage to get some things done during the summer, you will have a better start after the summer. Daily tasks will profit from these investments in time and knowledge.

Here a few ideas:

FlightCheck Pro

FlightCheck Pro verifies publishing documents on possible errors. The software can be set-up where new jobs come in and to make first check. There is no need for original products like XPress or InDesign to make this work, as FlightCheck Pro verifies native documents without the need to install the software itself. As a result a clean report can be generated with all possible errors listed – for the customer or for your prepress professionals to check. This is how you properly avoid the unexpected and how you keep costs down.


FM Starter

FM Starter speeds up the development of own software projects. Many standard tasks for a developer have been included and solved in FM Starter, which gives your project a jumpstart right away. Think of a dynamic navigation, a user management tool and many other tools. If you would like to start your own FileMaker development this summer, FM Starter ist a toolset and structure to turbo-boost your project.


FM Registrations

FM Registrations is a tool for FileMaker developers, who intend to sell their own solution as a standard software. FM Registrations generates unique activation codes to unlock your software for any client. Apart from unlocking the software it is also possible to encode some variables, which at the time of registration can be used to unlock certain features within your software (like the number of users, set an expiry date for the license, activate modules, etc.). FM Registrations thus enables you to configure your solutions by simply sending a new code – if you include these options in your programming.



The summer has only started. Let’s go explore!