The easiest way to our support is by phone or email.

Phone: +41-71-292 20 90 (GMT+1)


Answers to frequently asked questions. Look here first.

You always have several support options:

  • Online help in the applications themselves
  • Documentation and manuals
  • Contact Kursiv directly

Our projects and products for FileMaker developers have their own website at

Markzware has an own licensing server, through which licenses are checked. When ordering a Markzware product, you will receive a personalized download link, which you can use to download your licensed software. If you have a subscription, this link will allow you to download any new upgrade or variation (like: Mac/Win) for the duration of your subscription.

Markzware checks all activated licenses and notifies of usages exceeding the number of purchased licenses. If the number of installations exceeds the number of purchased licenses, you risk the deactivation of the Software by Markzware directly.

Kursiv notifies you of any license problems when they occur.

Remote support

Online Support

For a remote maintenance we need access to your computer. For this purpose there is so-called remote maintenance software. Perhaps you already have one in use? Below are some examples of such solutions.

Conference software

Online Meetings

Meetings can be efficiently planned and conducted online. This saves time and is the only option during the corona lockdown. We have made good experiences.

  • Zoho (download required)
  • Zoom (download required)
  • Skype (download required)

Paid support

Any standard requests are handled uncomplicated. But sometimes you need substantial support or help. If that is the case, you can rely on our know-how and purchase a support-package.

  • FileMaker support
  • WordPress support
  • Consulting

Before you purchase a support package, make sure that you contacted Kursiv. We check if we can meet your demands, how we can help and what we need to support you.

Purchase a support package

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