Time logging for freelancers

If you are billing your time to your customers, you need a tool to log your working hours. A time logging tools is helpful not just to bill your hours to your client, but it also gives feedback on the actual times you worked, thus allowing you to evaluate estimated times with reality. Be transparent, both to your clients and to yourself.

KIM TimeLog is a simple and efficient software solution to log all your working hours (as well as working hours of external people).

In a time logging software you create customers and projects, then log your times to a project. At the end of the month (or when the project is finished), you only need a few clicks to generate a full overview, which either can be printed and attached to an invoice, or which you can send per email to your team leader.

KIM TimeLog is suche a time logging software: Create customers and projects, then select a team member and click START/STOP to log the time. This Kursiv software proves itself an invaluable tool since many years by providing insights and overviews of all working hours with ease. The solution is simple, versatile and efficient.

  • Log all your working times
  • Create overviews
  • Get summaries to bill your clients
  • List external team members, etc.
  • Simple control functions

At any time you can create any type of list, as all information remains stored in a database.

KIM TimeLog is a uniquely simple time logging tool made by Kursiv and designed for freelancers and small teams. The software itself is multilingual (English, German, French and Spanish) and all data can be exported, for example for evaluation in other tools.