KIM TimeLog is a new time logging software by Kursiv

Kursiv Software just released a new tool for time logging. Track your working hours along with all details on the project.  The compact software is a utility that runs at the side of your screen and yet has all information properly organized. Creating reports for billing is done with a few clicks. Apart from registering your working hours, a time registration software gives valuable feedback about your own work, projects and more.

Freelancers and service oriented businesses frequently charge customers for their time. Time registration then is at the very core of their business and  it is a basis on which invoices are issued. A true time registration however can do much more as just recording working hours for invoicing. A complete time logging allows for evaluation of similar projects and the time needed for each of them, or a comparison of projects and times. You obtain unique insights in your own working habits, efficiency and more. This allows you to better understand the needs for future projects. You gain transparency both for yourself and for your customers.

KIM TimeLog can be downloaded as a testversion. If you like the software you can obtain a license at More informations as well as links to the test versions can be found here: