Update FM Registrations 1.35

The current update for FM Registrations is focussed on the example file. Here a small bugfix has been made and part of a script has been simplified.

Create your own unlock codes for your FileMaker solutions

FM Registrations allows you to manage licensees and registrations for your FileMaker solutions. The tool is made of two parts: FM Registrations is the code generator and licensee registration. The additional example file shows how to implement the decryption for the code in your own solution. The example file is set-up as a FileMaker module and can be easily integrated into your own solution.

Information for customers

Where can I download the latest version?

Please download the latest version directly from your order and account (> here).

How can I update my previous integrations?

To update your existing implementations is quite simple. Download the latest version first, open the example file (version 3) and follow the information as written in the ReadMe script of the module. There is really not much more to do as to copy a script part from the new example file and replace the same part in your existing solutions.

That’s all!