Update KIM TimeLog 1.21


The current update for KIM TimeLog addresses a bug which prevented data from a version 1.1 to be imported. Some Windows-specific requirements were optimized as well.

We recommend updating for all users. If you have been working with version 1.1, please contact support.

KIM TimeLog is a streamlined and well-designed tool to log your working times on a desktop computer (Mac/Win). Create projects and customers, and assign times to co-workers easily. The strength of this solution is in the simple approach. The intended users are freelances and small teams, who want to track times in order to bill them to customers. The application does not create the invoices, but lets you summarize any kind of list by status, project, customer, etc. and offers a selection of output options to attach the information to an invoice.

More information about KIM TimeLog can be found through the following links: