WordPress and hosting

How do you keep your website going?

3. March 2020By Karsten Risseeuw3 Minutes

Web hosting is not just web hosting. There are big differences. Some providers come up trumps with very low prices, but have to host a large number of websites on a few servers. This makes the unit price cheaper, but it comes at the expense of performance.

There is no general rule of good or bad. The website itself can also be “slim” or “full figured”. If you use a lot of pictures or complex animations, you need more power than a simple page with mostly only text. A shop can also have special hosting requirements and multilingual websites are logically much “bigger” than monolingual websites. Only the interaction between hosting and website shows the performance.

WordPress is a website platform that combines content dynamically. Each time a page is called up, this means that various modules must be brought together before they can be shown as a single page. This takes computing power and loading time. Caching plug-ins that create a calculated version from dynamic pages that can be displayed much faster are therefore particularly popular.

For this optimization, too, it is crucial that the hoster provides sufficient performance. A website with caching is faster for the user, but the pages still have to be calculated once on the server (especially advantageous when there is no visitor to the website). The website must therefore also have performance available if, for example, all pages are regenerated once a day.

There are a lot more considerations in making the website into a fast website. Often it is also a trade-off between speed and cost, or between speed and versatility. Hand-made HTML pages can be much “lighter” than a dynamic website based on WordPress. However, we ourselves choose WordPress as the preferred platform because it is extremely versatile and still quite user-friendly. This is a conscious choice that has always proven itself with us and with our customers – it is not for nothing that WordPress is the most popular platform for websites worldwide.

Back to the original question, where is the best place to optimize the website experience? We would be happy to discuss this with you, because every website is unique.