Youth-Events: Event registrations made simple

Kursiv software launches the new software “YouthEvents”. YouthEvents is a software to register participants to your events. The product is a spin-off of a social commitment for a youth club. There was a need for a better solution to manage addresses and contacts as well the wish to link people as participants to certain events. Until then, these tasks were managed with handwritten notices and Excel spreadsheets. Not only has this been very time consuming, but there was no option for a consistent and systematic registration of all important information. To cover these tasks with a whole team proved to be almost impossible. A database solution should simplify things and professionalize data management. YouthEvents is the result.

Standardsoftware for Mac and Windows

YouthEvents is a solution based on FileMaker Pro. It runs on both Mac and Windows and can be used in a network environment (using FileMaker Server). The software aims at youth clubs, local administrations, churches and any institutions organizing events for youth. YouthEvents has a multilingual interface (English, German, French and Dutch) and multiple users can each have their own access, managed by an administrator.

YouthEvents is being delivered with a free runtime version of FileMaker Pro (for Mac and Windows). This runtime version allows you to immediately run and use the software on a single computer. Would you like to use the solution on multiple machines and share the database, you would need additional FileMaker licenses. If you already use FileMaker Pro you can simply run the solution directly within your own FileMaker environment. YouthEvents itself has no limitation on the number of concurrent users.

Adresses, Persons and Events

YouthEvents captures persons, addresses and events. Between these three, you can create relationships. Between persons you can create relationships like Father-Daughter or Brother-Sister. Every person can be linked to multiple addresses (of the father, the mother, school, etc.) and any address can have unlimited persons linked to it (the whole family, all class comrades, etc.). You can add phone numbers and email addresses as well as further informations to any person or address.

Once persons and addresses have been defined it’s a snap (just a single click) to add any person to an event as a “participant”. The longer the software is being used, the more data becomes available, which allows you to discover trends, growth or decline, see clearly the best-visited events and the like. To every single person you will have all attended events listed.

More about YouthEvents can be read here: