Kursiv GmbH
Goldbrunnenstrasse 42
9000 St. Gallen

+41-71-292 20 90

Visits possible only after appointment, as we want to dedicate time to your requests.

Kursiv is located in St. Gallen and can easily be reached by either car or public transport.

Company UID: CHE-107.493.242
Chamber of Commerce: CH32040373365

Kursiv Software: kursiv-software.com
Kursiv Blog about the image industry: kursiv.com
Kursiv workshops: kursiv.ch
Filemaker: fmstarter.com
Art prints: karstenrisseeuw.ch

Image credits: All images of this website, which are not related to the location or one of our events, are stock images from IngImage. More information can be found at our website kursiv.com.