FlightCheck Pro in a publishing environment

Preflighting and postflighting in a single package

FlightCheck Pro belongs in any prepress environment and specifically at these two crossroads in the workflow:

1. Incoming documents

Incoming documents from customers can be checked by anyone on any computer – no publishing documents need to be installed. FlightCheck Pro is a standalone software and understands the original files without the need of additional software. In the blink of an eye the documents are verified and a report is generated, which you can send either back to your client or forward to the publishing team for correction. Eliminate unnecessary hasles and simplify your workflow with FlightCheck Pro. Our recommendation: Don’t leave it out – check your incoming files.

2. Outgoing documents

FlightCheck can verify your documents on over 150 potential flaws, errors, wrong settings, text overflows and more. The software understands XPress as well as InDesign formats, along with many others. It speaks fluently – so to say – PDF, PDF-X, EPS and quite a lot more. Our recommendation: Prevention is better than Repair.

Preflighting software for publishing documents

With this preflighting software you can secure the output quality of your work. Verify the documents in the blink of an eye and be sure that everything is OK, or get help to solve any issues. Because the verification can be on native documents, you will correct the original files, thus also preventing future problems with the same files. That makes sense, doesn’t it?

Postflighting for all output formats

FlightCheck Pro also checks typical output formats like PDF, PDF-X, EPS (including embedded fonts and other files) and many more formats. Secure the quality of your output, before any errors become costly and time-consuming problems either in printing or in distributing digital files.

FlightCheck Pro checks documents, pinpoints the flaws and errors and not only names the problems, but also shows the page and object where it occurs (in preview). For some document types FlightCheck Pro can even “jump” to the correct spot within the original document as long as the original software is installed. This makes it incredibly easy to solve any issues right in the original files, thus also preventing future errors based on the same files.