FM Registrations 1.5 released

The update is primarily aimed at simplifying the user interface

21. October 2020In FilemakerBy Karsten Risseeuw2 Minutes

What’s new?

Kursiv launches a new version of FM Registrations. Version 1.5 of the tool for FileMaker developers is now available and creates license codes for your own FileMaker-based products.

The current update is primarily aimed at a better user interface and a simplification of the workflow. In addition, the manuals (English / German) have been rewritten and the introductory videos have been completely rewritten (English / German).

Date processing has also been improved. A definite end date for a license is now saved as a number so that processing on a date also works with different file locations and system settings.

Create licenses for your FileMaker-based products

FM Registrations can be used to generate activation codes for your FileMaker solutions. This enables you to sell standard products that you have created with FileMaker worldwide. FM Registrations is a FileMaker development and can be used to generate and manage licenses. The codes can be used as access codes, but are also used to configure your solution.

FM Registrations consists of two parts: A code generator, which is used to create customer addresses, create software profiles and generate unique activation codes, and a sample file that shows how to decrypt the license codes.

FM Registrations makes it possible to sell your own FileMaker applications and to provide each customer with an activation code. Such a code can

  • Unlock
  • Allow configurations
  • Unlock functions
  • Define the number of users
  • Determine the end date of a license or subscription period
  • etc.

FM Registrations is a marketing tool that enables flexible pricing. For example, you can create prices based on the number of users or configure different versions of the same file using an activation code.

FM Registrations encrypts and decrypts all information. The implementation is up to you. The possibilities are endless.

Detailed descriptions

A more detailed description of this update, as well as new manuals and all introductory videos can be found on the website .

FM Registrations is sold with free updates for one year. The last version can then be downloaded directly from your own account at

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