FM Starter 2.06

Kursiv just released FM Starter 2.06. FM Starter is a starter file for new FileMaker projects. It integrates everything you most likely need in every FileMaker project, like a dynamic global navigation, multilingual text labels, user management and much more.

About this release

The navigation now is better integrated with the user management module, to limit the navigation correctly to the active user group. Also, the ToDo-module has been improved. There is a larger detailed view and each ticket can be printed. The ToDo-module lists all changes for new versions and comes with step-by-step instructions how to implement bugfixes and enhancements in projects you already started.

The following changes have been implemented:


  • The navigation limits correctly to the navigation entries set for a specific user group.


  • ToDo-Module:The ToDo-module got a larger view of single tickets, simplifying the reading of larger tickets.
  • ToDo-Module: Tickets now also can be printed
  • Global Navigation-Module: Now visualizing the look of the navigation depending on user groups (developer Dashboard)


FM Starter 2.06 is being sold as an unlimited version with free upgrades for a year. Every buyer directly can download the newest version from his account at