Affinity Publisher and InDesign

How can you successfully transfer documents?

Layoutsoftware has long been dominated by Adobe InDesign. That could be changing. The new Affinity Publisher by the english company Serif is a new star in the publishing arena. The modern layout software can be an interesting alternative to InDesign. How can you transfer documents between the two?

A complete publishing suite

Affinity Publisher is the third product in the affinity series. After Affinity Designer (as: Illustrator) and Affinity Photo (as: Photoshop), now the official version of Affinity Publisher (as: InDesign) has been released. These products are modern, fast and very well integrated. Many users love the absence of a subscription system and full versions of each product can be purchased below CHF 50 each. Has there ever been such a unique and complete publishing system for this price?

Can one trust the newcomer?

Well, the english company Serif is not a newcomer. They published many software products, but their focus has been on private and semi-professional users mostly. The new products in the Affinity series are the new focus on professional solutions and professional users, as many publications already testify.

Unique is their document format. The same format is used for all three applications. Different endings help to start up a specific application, but the real highlights are shown in Affinity Publisher, where you can change the interface within the application to either Designer or Photo to work with vector illustrations or Photos directly. The new Studio-Link technology creates a complete new and much more natural approach to publishing.

The document structure within the Affinity series is revolutionary. But what about the data exchange with with products from Adobe, Quark, Viva or others?

From Adobe InDesign to Affinity Publisher

Affinity Publisher has quite a good working PDF-import. Imported PDF documents are converted to editable Publisher documents. It does not mean there might not be hickups here or there, but who works with basic functions, also supported by the PDF format as well as by Affinity Publisher, might be surprised to see how easy it is to transfer PDF files to the new Publisher environment. PDF files thus are the way to transport other publishing documents to Affinity Publisher.

From Affinity Publisher to Adobe InDesign

Conversions from Affinity Publisher to Adobe InDesign also work. You need, however, and additional plug-in for Adobe InDesign. Markzware offers the great PDF2DTP, which converses PDF files reliably to InDesign. Embedded files are extracted and will be saved in sub folders automatically. The way this works is quite similar to the conversion of InDesign to Affinity Publisher.

See the video

PDF2DTP can be ordered directly at Kursiv:

PDF to InDesign

CHF 240.00

PDF2DTP is a plug-in for InDesign which opens PDF-files and instantly converts them to fully editable InDesign documents. Create new originals from PDF documents! Use PDF as an intermediate format between for example Word, Excel – even webpages – to create professional InDesign documents. Yearly subscription including all versions, updates and new releases.

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PDF2DTP for Adobe InDesign

“PDF2DTP” for InDesign opens up completely new horizons for publishing. For the first time it is possible to convert PDF documents to editable InDesign documents – completely reliable and extremely fast. It does not matter where those PDF documents come from. Use it as a tool to import and convert PDFs originating in Word, XPress or even Websites!

PDF2DTP for InDesign is a plug-in for Adobe InDesign. The yearly subscription gives you continuous access to all new versions during the course of your subscription.

  • Plug-In for InDesign on Mac
  • Plug-In for InDesign on Windows
  • Available as a yearly subscription including all versions, upgrades and new releases
  • Current list of all supported formats (Markzware)

Never before it was that simple to use PDF as a source to create a fully editable new publishing document. In your creative workflow, you now can just import any PDF and instantly create a new original InDesign document. It is much more comfortable to edit an InDesign document, get rid of some errors, than output to PDF again, as using a PDF editing tool.

When converting a PDF file, the plug-in generates a job folder. Images from the PDF-file are extracted and saved into that job folder, together with the newly created InDesign document. It feels like simply opening a native InDesign file. It’s that simple and intuitive! Color-definitions are copied, texts can be edited, etc.

PDF2DTP for InDesign also is a great help if the original files are no longer available, to create new originals from a PDF. If you need to get a proper publishing document where the customer delivers a Word file, just export the Word file to PDF, then use this plug-in to convert it to a regular InDesign document.

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