IDMarkz SE released for Windows

Convert InDesign documents without InDesign

14. January 2022In NewsBy Karsten Risseeuw2 Minutes

Markzware conversion tools have proven themselves for many years. The switch from plug-ins to stand-alone software products has been completed. The only downer was the lack of Windows programs. IDMarkz, for example, was only available for Mac, not Windows. That is now changing with IDMarkz SE.

The key to converting InDesign documents

Markzware has just released IDMarkz SE, a Windows version of the popular IDMarkz for Mac. Windows development is new and the products are not quite the same in functionality. That is probably why there are now different versions for Mac and Windows.

IDMarkz SE converts INDD and INDT files from InDesign to IDML in no time at all. The IDML format is not only suitable for opening newer InDesign documents, for example in older InDesign versions. An IDML import is also supported by Affinity Publisher or QuarkXPress. This means that documents can also be transferred to other publishing platforms.

The conversion is easy. It doesn’t even need InDesign installed for this software to work. IDMarkz SE is a stand-alone software solution and opens InDesign files directly. The conversion to IDML takes place in no time and the result can be viewed in a preview window. There you can – as with the Mac version – scroll through the pages and get an approximate representation. In addition, the elements of the file, such as images or fonts, are evaluated and summarized as information.

From the preview, the IDML document can now be opened in various other programs. These include InDesign, XPress and Affinity Publisher.

In contrast to the Mac version, however, various other export options cannot be used at the moment. For example, there is no way to export the IDML file to JPEG, TIFF or other image formats. It is still unclear whether this functionality will be implemented in the future. The software is under development and Markzware limits itself to well-functioning solutions.

Shop IDMarkz SE

Windows users can now purchase IDMarkz SE at Kursiv. You can choose between an endless license without updates or a cheaper annual license including updates.