An ecosystem for FileMaker developers

The FM Developer Bundle includes everything you need to start a new FileMaker project.

9. July 2020By Karsten Risseeuw6 Minutes

FileMaker developers face new challenges with every project. Meanwhile, there are also recurring challenges. Can’t these “same challenges over and over again” be elegantly wrapped into one simple starter solution? This article is about ways to do that.

Kursiv develops for developer

Kursiv develops for developers and for aspiring developers. The FM Developer Bundle is a new product bundle with three well-proven components. Together they offer something like a quick-launch for new FileMaker projects or a turbo-start for prospective FileMaker developers. The maxim here is to keep everything as simple as possible. No complex systems, but proven simple structures. In addition, there are modular development approaches and clearly defined tasks within the file.

Starter file, design templates, licensing models

Three products stand for three tasks. FM Starter is the versatile and tidy starter file for new FileMaker projects. The new FM Designer is a collection of FileMaker designs, already perfectly tailored to FM Starter. For those who want to sell their software as a standard solution, there is FM Registrations. This allows you to generate unlock codes for your standard solutions. These three products together form the FM Developer Bundle.

Learning by doing

FileMaker developers are typically newcomers to the field. They come to FileMaker because it’s incredibly easy to create solutions for personal needs. As your skills increase, so do your requirements. And vice versa: More complex and demanding projects require enhanced skills. How do you get a sound setup for your next project?

The simplest solution is not always the best. Most of the developers I know have worked their way into FileMaker. Building experience takes time. Wouldn’t it be possible to look over the shoulder of another developer and see how he or she did it? That would be the easy way to learn.

“Learning by doing” is part of everyday life for many FileMaker developers. If you can draw on the experience and working methods of other developers, you not only benefit from the know-how of that other person, but also from the experience gained. FM Starter is a file with “condensed experience”. It shortens the learning curve and shows proven ways to work with FileMaker.

As is well known, many roads lead to Rome and no developer has all the truth or experience. So, there are many possible solutions. FM Starter aims to be as open as possible and does not introduce a programming style, but rather project structures. Project structures can be grasped intuitively and the functionalities already built in can be almost completely configured via a separate user interface. Such ideas and solutions accelerate the learning process tremendously.


The basis and further development

The FM Developer Bundle provides a solid foundation for new FileMaker projects and offers standard functionality that is easy to use. A straightforward user administration is included as well as a 100% dynamic navigation. The starter file is also multilingual. If you want to install such things later, it becomes rather complicated, if not even impossible. But if you already have well integrated components in the starter file, it greatly simplifies new projects.

Further development can therefore start right from the beginning. The foundation is laid, and new color schemes and designs can be imported and applied in no time at all via FM Designer. In this way, a completely new project with proven basics can be created quickly. It couldn’t be simpler. The development of the actual tasks can now begin practically immediately.

If the need arises to create a product from one project, which can be sold to several customers, you can do so. FM Registrations will help you achieve this. FM Registrations create unlock codes for your solution. You can sell your products online and send the customer a registration code after the purchase to unlock the software. The decoding of the codes is already built into FM Starter. If the processing of license codes is now switched on (just tick the box), you can start quickly. In FM Registrations a new software product is defined and the secret keys are transferred to the start file. Complex processes are already implemented and well documented.

This is what a vertical start with FileMaker can look like.