OmniMarkz combines all previous conversion solutions from Markzware

Quick conversion of PDF, INDD and QXP

7. January 2022In News, PublishingBy Karsten Risseeuw7 Minutes

The preparation of digital documents is often demanding. This not only applies to the output, but also applies to the data that you receive from customers or suppliers. How do you open different document formats? One method is to insist on “standards”. However, the fact is that there are several established data formats. As a professional contractor, you should be able to handle all formats. There is now OmniMarkz, an all-round tool from Markzware for converting important prepress document formats.

Data conversion

Almost every software has its own document format. This is often very useful when working with a particular program. But if you want to exchange documents, each party must be able to read these documents. That is not always cleared up straight away. It annoys me if you tacitly assume that everyone works with Microsoft products and everyone does their graphic work with Adobe products. This has not been the case for a long time.

The trend is towards diversification. There are more programs available, and each of these programs often has its own format. Exchange formats are also becoming increasingly common. For example, InDesign can generate so-called IDML files. They can now also be opened in other programs, whereby the IDML file is then automatically converted into the internal format.

Exchange formats are therefore important for collaboration. They make it possible to create a work here and process it there. It should be noted, however, that all software “interprets” a document. So there may be minor differences between the display on two different platforms. Rounding differences in the spacing of a font can, for example, lead to the very last word in a line of text sliding to the next page, even though this is not wanted at all. Control is therefore mandatory after every conversion.

The best way to compare data conversion is to adopt a standing sentence. For example, the customer only has a PDF file of an old travel brochure and no longer has original files. With a suitable conversion solution, you can now convert the PDF file to an original file in XPress, InDesign or Affinity Publisher. This would allow the old document structure to be rebuilt much faster than preparation for the new prospectus.

OmniMarkz is the Swiss Army Knife for file conversions

Document conversions are demanding. Markzware already offers 3 proven software solutions:

  1. IDMarkz converts INDD files from InDesign.
  2. QXPMarkz converts QXP files from QuarkXPress
  3. PDFMarkz converts PDF files from almost any source.

All three products are now summarized in OmniMarkz. So you are armed for almost any eventuality.

OmniMarkz imports INDD files as well as QXP and PDF files. Original software does not even have to be available for this. OmniMarkz also works if it is the only program on the computer, for example at the workplace for AVOR (work preparation).

Thats how it works

Conversion solutions from Markzware convert internally to IDML and from there to the big wide world. IDML is a format that is already read by many programs today because it is a well-structured and open description of a file. OmniMarkz can already show an approximate preview of the file and also allows you to scroll through the file. If everything fits, you can start a conversion. There are various options to choose from:

  • Conversion to various image formats and PDF
  • Direct opening in XPress, InDesign or, for example, Affinity Publisher.

Conversion Limits

Data conversion is perfect for converting existing documents into another format once. However, these solutions are not suitable for constantly moving documents back and forth between several layout programs. A file conversion should be viewed as a one-time takeover of standing sentence. A control is always required after the conversion.

The fact that a file conversion is now often extremely successful should not hide the complexity of the challenge. There are big differences between different layout programs, even if they solve similar things. The conversion looks for the best match for the other program – provided that it is there.

Evaluation of a solution

The best question when evaluating a software solution like OmniMarkz is always this: How much time can I save? For example, if it takes 8 hours of work to rebuild the document identically without conversion, how expensive would that be? The more time has to be invested, the cheaper the conversion solution appears. It should be noted, however, that the conversion must always be checked. It would be better if you clarify for yourself how much time (and thus money) you want to save and where.

Depending on the situation, it can also be stated that some things cannot be solved at all if no conversion software is available.

  • How do you convert a Word document to InDesign?
    (by creating a PDF file and then converting it to InDesign in no time with OmniMarkz)
  • How can the elements of a website be used for a new XPress document?
    (by converting the website to PDF and from there using OmniMarkz to XPress)
  • How can I open InDesign documents if I don’t have InDesign (any more)?
    (by converting the INDD file to another format via OmniMarkz)