Tools for FileMaker Pro developers

Speed up and simplify the design and development of your FileMaker projects. Kursiv Software develops tools for FileMaker developers that have been proven in the field. It’s often the easiest and safest way to succeed.

Especially for FileMaker developers we have another website. There you will find information about the products mentioned here, but also a number of other free modules and sample files.

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Posts about FileMaker

FM Starter 2.15 released

Bug fixes and improvements for FM Starter

All Kursiv FileMaker products are compatible with FileMaker 19

The latest version of FileMaker has many excellent new features. All our products are compatible with FileMaker 19.

FM Registrations: Create license keys for your FileMaker solutions

A new tool for FileMaker developers

Simplify your Filemaker development

Using a starter solution for Filemaker can drastically speed up and simplify your development.