Working in times of crisis

Don't panic - how we make the best out of adversity

13. March 2020By Karsten Risseeuw3 Minutes

Slowly, the full force of the coronavirus threat is also beginning to reach Switzerland. Switzerland currently ranks second in terms of worldwide infection, if you calculate per capita of the population instead of only assuming absolute numbers (statistics). Many are already working from their home office. Other companies suddenly have no more incoming orders. What is the best thing to do in these challenging times?

The Good News

Kursiv has some good news: Our products are virus-free. We also can guarantee that there is no danger of infection for humans, if you download our software solutions from or This applies for the publishing tools, the FileMaker solutions or also for our keywording software for photographers.

Normal everyday life: Urgent before important

Daily life used to look like this: If job prospects are good, we plan and produce. We are busy. Business is running well. However: Often urgent things are done first. Strategic decisions are postponed. This will happen in many small businesses. This situation now has suddenly changed. Nothing is urgent anymore, because orders are postponed, projects cancelled. Nobody knows how long this will last.

The opportunity: Important  before urgent

The seriousness of the situation also brings with it opportunities. If the category “urgent” suddenly no longer exists, another category can be given attention. Today is the time when “important before urgent” can be cultivated. This involves strategic considerations and the evaluation of the value chain. Whoever has time to evaluate these things now is in the best position for the time after the wave of infection.

Focus on software

Almost all business processes today can be optimized with software. A first step to an evaluation would be the clarification of internal business processes. Where does information flow together and how is it managed? Where are there redundancies? Are there clear structures? Which pieces of the puzzle are missing today? The time that is perhaps unintentionally available today can be put to good use to solve any issues.

Implementing ideas

You have to have ideas and then implement them. As FileMaker developers we support companies with the realization of their own software projects. We coach and train and often do this remotely. We also provide proven development tools such as “FM Starter”, a start file for new FileMaker projects. On the website we offer free FileMaker modules, sample files and further help.

Anyone who comes up with ideas and strategic considerations has already won in many ways. Panic and lethargy are no good guides in today’s world. If you take advantage of the possibilities, you create a good starting position for yourself. In this way, a virtue can be made out of adversity.